Westboro Baptist Church: Government Psy-Op

Posted in Iraq War, Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on January 31, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

This essay was written in July, 2006, shortly after the Westboro Baptist Church came to my town in order to protest the funeral of a soldier who had died in Iraq. While the activities of this bizarre group are discussed all over the Internet, the local populations of these small towns are unfamiliar with them and their appearance is often a complete surprise. It’s one thing to read about them, but you really have to be there to experience the psychological impact which results from their antics. At one point, a man standing not far from me seemed to break down and began shouting, “Shut up! Just shut up! Why won’t you shut up?”

The Westboro Baptist Church is back in the news. It seems that someone is trying to sue them for “intentional emotional abuse” and “invasion of privacy,” and perhaps some other charges as well. By now, most people are familiar with the WBC and their leader, Fred Phelps. These people travel the country, disrupting soldiers’ funerals with their loud protests. They claim to be protesting the godless, “homosexual culture” of the USA, and so, they protest these funerals, as the troops died defending this culture. These people showed up at my hometown last summer, and I was able to see them in action. This is a small town just north of Boston, and most of the people here were familiar with the soldier who had died. Several days before the funeral, rumors began circulating that an “anti-war” group was going to come and protest the funeral. Nobody seemed to have any idea just who these people were, and most of the local papers described them as “war protesters” or “anti-war.”

The Westboro Baptist Church is a government Psy-Op (Psychological Operation.) After seeing them in action, I have no doubt of this.

The government is very sensitive about the bodies of these soldiers coming back to these small towns. All the coffins come into the country through only one air base, and they are careful not to allow anyone to photograph them. These small-town funerals are breeding grounds for anti-war sentiment, as people will naturally ask “Why did this person have to die?” These events have a strong impact on small towns. Nothing fuels anger towards the war more than these funerals: and the government knows this. Into this reflective, politically-charged atmosphere comes the WBC to work their magic. Here are pictures as they protested outside the church.

The first thing that happens is that they divert any possible anger against the government, and direct it upon themselves. People who might have been angry about the war are now angry at the three nitwits calling the local hero a “fag” and describing how he will “burn in hell” because he fought for a “fag country.” As I walked through the crowd, you could really get a sense that these people were galvanizing the patriotic spirit of everyone around there.

Second, the WBC attracted an enormous police presence. Riflemen were in buildings, there were armored vehicles, SWAT teams, mounted police, and police from several different towns. It was a “show,” being put on for the benefit of the townspeople. The massive display of arms was to reassure people that they would be protected from these fanatics. In fact, the police were there to protect the WBC and prevent a riot from breaking out.

Third, their presence is spun to reflect our “Freedom of Speech,” and how the government tolerates any sort of dissent… no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

Fourth, The people are led to believe that these people are “war protesters,” and many of the local papers described them that way.

Fifth, this fits perfectly with The Establishment’s ongoing effort to discredit all world religions in preparation for its eventual implementation of a secular State Religion, similar to Orwell’s prediction made many years ago. Remember that the Iraq War is now being described as a “religious conflict,” and this bogus explanation is used with great effect to disguise our true imperialistic goal of establishing a ground force in the Middle East to use as a staging area for further operations. The WBC provides the perfect “Anti-Christian” image to compliment the ravings of Pro-Establishment Atheist mouthpieces, such as Christopher Hitchens, who forward the theory that religious people are the real enemy in the world today .

When they notified the town that they were coming, there was no place to put them. There was simply no available space across or near the church, so the police decided to put them in a parking lot some distance away, where they would not be seen. Strangely, the State Police notified the local police, saying that the Westboro crowd HAD to be placed front-and-center, no matter how inconvenient. As the top photo shows, the local cops were forced to rope-off a tiny piece of the sidewalk for the WBC to have their protest. I thought it was kind of strange that the police went to such ends to accommodate these people. A special detachment of Boston Transportation Police escorted the WBC into town, where they were allowed to stay somewhere (no one knows where this was) for some time before and after the funeral. At the church service, people were not even allowed to approach the WBC protesters or exchange words with them. They received amazing police protection. They left several hours afterwards with full escort and at high speed, so that no one could follow them.

According to the WBC “Myth,” local law enforcement has to bend over backwards for the WBC, because the Church has the habit of filing all sorts of lawsuits against the police, the town officials, residents, and anyone they can. I think this is bullshit. These people are on constant “tour,” and may visit a dozen funerals in a week. Their travels are well-coordinated and they are in locations all over the country. How would it be possible for them to maintain nuisance lawsuits in all of these faraway locations? Also, why can’t the local police departments tell them that they are unable to provide adequate police protection for them? If some ordinary person showed up at one of these funerals with a legitmate anti-war message, or just stood outside Town Hall, they would be immediately arrested for disturbing the peace. I can’t imagine them winning any sort of lawsuit against authorities. It seems odd that throughout ALL the massive anti-war protests of the past that no one until Fred Phelps discovered that all you had to do was simply sue the police to make them treat you nicely.

And, who finances the WBC? The internet says they have over 100 members who all donate money out of their own pockets. How do they know this? Did Phelps give them this information? Fred Phelps was invited to BOTH of Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Balls. Huh? These people have this strident “Anti-Fag” position, but they support Liberal presidential candidates? Huh?

Fred arose from total obscurity and poverty. According to the story, he maintained his large family for almost 10 years by sending his children out selling candy door-to-door… if you believe that.
They are not associated with any other religious groups, Aryan Nations, white separatists, the Klan… no one.
Phelps is a lawyer, as are most of his children. They travel around the country and do whatever they want while threatening everyone with nuisance lawsuits if they are denied permission to protest or inconvenienced in any way. I’m just not buying that. Look at all the bullshit which went down at the RNC in 2004. Could THESE people have sued the city of New York for being placed in faraway “free speech zones?” Why aren’t the WBC loonies placed in off-site “free speech zones?” Why is the WBC provided with extensive police protection and the right to protest as close as possible to the event, while established anti-war organizations are harassed and inconvenienced in all sorts of ways?
The last time Fred was in Canada, the Canadian authorities threw him in jail, and released him with a warning never to come back (he did not.)

This latest lawsuit against the WBC is going to fall on deaf ears, I can guarantee that. These people are Establishment shills of some sort, and their little stage play serves the interests of the government very well. Several friends here came to the same conclusion, claiming these people were obvious government stooges. These people travel the country and, along with their police escorts, put on this little “event” at all the soldiers’ funerals. Some people believe that these off-the-wall religious groups are the products of government mind control programs, and there may be some truth to that.

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  1. Doug Wright said, on January 31, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    Very logical.
    Probably a hybrid like most things.
    Encourage behavior you like and you get more of it-kinda thing.
    There’s a woman who calls the Adam Coralla show all the time from this …?baptist thing-yeah, she’s a little unbeliveable.

  2. justifiedtype said, on January 31, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    “Unbelievable” is the right word. Why would a supposedly “Christian” church be celebrating the deaths of people and then WISHING that more will die? Why do they have no affiliations with other Christian churches or political groups? And how was it possible that Phelps and his handful of supporters were invited to BOTH Clinton inaugural balls?

  3. DB said, on February 2, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    I am sorry, this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. They have been protesting at funerals well before Bush’s war has been going on. They are nothing more than a cult of douche bags. I hope this essay is something you just posted and didn’t write.

    • YouCanTrustBigBrother said, on May 8, 2013 at 6:07 am

      What does “DB” stand for? Douch Bag? I know, the whole concept of BAIT AND SWITCH is way, WAY over your head. Like MAGIC, teenagers coming home in body bags is completely forgotten and everyone wants to kill Christians. Like magic…

      That is how our government works. They do something horrific then blame it on their enemy.

  4. Mouse said, on February 2, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    DB, if you’re going to insult someone’s idea as “stupid,” you could at least address the points raised. The fact that the Westboros have been protesting funerals before “Bush’s war” (oh yeah, it’s just his war lol) doesn’t even come close to any of the points made, let alone refuting them.

  5. justifiedtype said, on February 2, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    “this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard..”

    Wheeeeee! A troll found my blog. Now I get to waste my time responding to him. Fun!

    “They have been protesting at funerals well before Bush’s war has been going on.”

    Actually, they haven’t. The WBC began protesting funerals in 1998–during the Clinton Administration–and well after the start of “Bush’s War” which started in 1991

    “They are nothing more than a cult of douche bags.”

    How does a ‘cult of douchebags’ get invited to TWO Presidential inaugural balls? And then stage protests on the White House lawn?
    How does a ‘cult of douchebags’ receive such extensive Police and military protection where ever they go? How did Phelps and his enormous family survive for decades with no apparent means of support? Where does the money come from?

    There’s plenty of evidence linking the US government and the Peoples Temple run by Jim Jones. The governmenr has been involved in a number of these cults. Read about it.

  6. WBC Victim said, on April 12, 2008 at 12:52 am

    Slight hole in your theory

    The WBC have been around long before the war was started
    even before Bush was president.

    The presence of police, as you say, is to protect the WBC from riots, but they’ve been known to look the other way.
    Recently, when the group was protesting in Frederick MD, a few hundred counter-protesters swarmed the group, chasing them away in their cars.
    When the car sweerved down a dead end road, the cops stepped aside and let the people break the cars windows before they asked the crowd to disperse. No arrests were made. Not even a warning.
    I hardly think that the police are “on their side” if they let a mob smash their windows.

  7. WBC Victim said, on April 12, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Their money comes from Phelp’s family, which makes up 60 of the 75 “church” members. All ten of Fred Phelps’ daughters are lawers, and they get quite alot of money from suing. However, they are currently deep in debt after Maryland fined them 5 million in damages and passed a liens onto them (a liens prevents them from making mortgages or taking out loans)

    And while no, they werent protesting funerals until 1998, they were protesting well before the War in Iraq broke out. The church is based off of a strong abhorance of gays, and they are using the funerals as a sign that god is punishing us for our homosexual tolerance. Before the war, they had no reason to show up at a funeral, but instead sent hate-mail, protested, ran for public office, etc. etc.
    They’ve been around for a while. Do more research before you make eronious claims next time.

  8. WBC Victim said, on April 12, 2008 at 1:09 am

    They have no affiliations with other Christian groups because they think that they are abominations and that their supposed support of the Gay Community is a sign that they are truly devil worship. This group is strongly homophobic, obviously, and they use their knowledge of the bible to validate their paranoia. The bible can be interpreted in so many different ways, and can be so controversial, that it is the perfect vehicle for a “religion” that can’t be explained. Just read some of their quotes on their website. They seem perfectly harmless when matched with their coresponding text, but seem to preach homosexual intolerance when manipulated by the WBC.
    They honostely believe that they alone in the world have gotten it right, and they consider it their duty to “inform” everyone of their impending doom and damnation.

    • Anonymous said, on May 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm

      No. The Bible can’t be interpreted in “so many” ways…that is a cliche that people who have never studied it use. The meaning in the text is clear…true you need understanding…but in reality anything can be perverted to suite ones own corrupt means. “My people are decieved because of lack of understanding”

    • Ted Smith said, on August 16, 2015 at 4:05 am

      You are either ignorant or a shill or both. There is not different ways of interpreting the bible in regards to homosexuality. The bible is clear on Homosexuality as being a sin. Only an idiot could not see the propaganda in the fabricated word of Homophobic, like I’m supposed to be ‘scared’ of homo’s? I’m not scared, I’ve got my moral compass and its definitely showing homosexuals as being abortions of nature, sick, perverted and against true spirituality. Only an idiot could not see that its against most forms of spirituality and not only Christian.

      Yes I could see the WBC as being shills and I’m glad to see that others can see this obvious factor. Still the puppet masters have to do their thing and if the puppets buy into it, then I’ve no sympathy for leeches of the NWO i.e. people who go along with the herd and have no spine to stand up for that which is right and true.

      Anyone who has ever read the bible will instantly see that the WBC is anti-Christian in their actions. All the pieces as have been spelled out by others on the web page reveals that this really stinks and the WBC fit the bill for the oligarchy. Like people who study conspiracy facts can’t see an oligarchy psy-op, like we don’t know that the oligarchy has been in the business of creating religions and cults in the past and present. The shills on this page, might hope to capture the mind of the gullible or ignorant, but there is no way in hell that a True Christian would be doing what the WBC is doing.

      Further read ‘Solving the mystery of Babylon the great’. While the shills don’t mention the Jesuits even or try to divert attention from the Jesuits, the Jewish factor is blaring. Ignatius Loyola, the founding Jesuit was a Marrano crypto-jew. The stiff neck jews from the old testament that went into captivity in Babylon and adopted the Babylonian practices formulating into the Pharisees, who crucified Christ, have forever been at work to work against true Christianity. The vatican, mystery Babylon in all her evils is well run now by the Jesuits, creators of the Bavarian illuminati, infiltration of Freemasonry, creation of the new age movement etc. The goal is the luciferian NWO by these Crypto-jews. Humanity is so trusting, so entertained, so easily swayed to indulge their innate fallen nature, so easily controlled and hoodwinked. Via the Hegelian dialectic the world will gladly accept the coming ‘one world government’.

      What do you do when you see the ship sinking? I’m not going to go looking for that idiot still eating and singing in the dinning room. Sure I’ll try and help the person that I can see I can help, but I’m not about to go down with a ship of idiots. Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many there are that follow this road, narrow is the gate that leads to life and few there be that find it.

      If the world i.e. crpto-luciferic-jews, murdered Lincoln, Kennedy and Jesus, then these Martyrs are the ones that I will look to.

  9. justifiedtype said, on April 12, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    “Slight hole in your theory”

    –Oh great. Now my day will be complete….

    “The WBC have been around long before the war was started
    even before Bush was president.”

    –Yes, I know this, thank you very much.

    “The presence of police, as you say, is to protect the WBC from riots, but they’ve been known to look the other way.”

    –This is very, very rare.

    “Recently, when the group was protesting in Frederick MD, a few hundred counter-protesters swarmed the group, chasing them away in their cars.”

    –They usually receive better protection from elements of the State Police. The fact that some local cops in one instance looked the other way doesn’t indicate anything.

    “When the car sweerved down a dead end road, the cops stepped aside and let the people break the cars windows before they asked the crowd to disperse. No arrests were made. Not even a warning.
    I hardly think that the police are “on their side” if they let a mob smash their windows.”

    –I NEVER said the police were “on their side!” The police are merely tools who receive their orders from higher up. According to the established story of the WBC, these cities and towns must allow the protests and provide Westboro with adequate protection, otherwise the Phelps legal team will sue them out of existence. Did this happen in Frederick, MD? I remain unconvinced at the apparent easiness of suing police departments in situations such as this and believe that (although they have done quite a bit of it in the past) this “trump card” of the WBC’s is largely overstated. Many communities have simply tossed their law suits out as “frivolous.”

    “Their money comes from Phelp’s family, which makes up 60 of the 75 “church” members.”

    –You don’t know where their money comes from. I don’t believe that their membership is anywhere near this large. You read things online and simply take them to be fact.

    “All ten of Fred Phelps’ daughters are lawers, and they get quite alot of money from suing.”

    –Again, this is the “established” story, and I’m just not buying it. While they have had some small successes, the WBC does not get “quite a lot of money from suing.”

    ” However, they are currently deep in debt after Maryland fined them 5 million in damages”

    –Yeah, what I said.

    “And while no, they werent protesting funerals until 1998, they were protesting well before the War in Iraq broke out. ”

    –No, they weren’t. The (First) Persian Gulf War is in 1990 and Westboro began their public protests in 1991.

    “The church is based off of a strong abhorance of gays, and they are using the funerals as a sign that god is punishing us for our homosexual tolerance.”

    –It’s not a “church,” it’s a cult; and they’re not “Christians,” either. I don’t care what they call themselves. I know all about their hatred of gays, thank you very much.

    “Before the war, they had no reason to show up at a funeral, but instead sent hate-mail, protested, ran for public office, etc. etc.”

    –“The War” has been going on since 1990, first of all. What you are doing is simply repeating what you have read online about this group and I have seen all this material before. There’s an online book about the family. I have read quite a bit about them. Please don’t waste my time by repeating the established WBC Story over and over again.

    “They’ve been around for a while. Do more research before you make eronious claims next time.”

    –This is my blog and I’ll post whatever I want here (on another note, get a good spell-checking program.)

    “They have no affiliations with other Christian groups because they think that they are abominations and that their supposed support of the Gay Community is a sign that they are truly devil worship.”

    –Thank you Captain Obvious.

    “They honostely believe that they alone in the world have gotten it right, and they consider it their duty to “inform” everyone of their impending doom and damnation.”

    –How do you know what Fred Phelps “honestly” believes? How do you know where they get all their money or how large their membership is? Read my response to the last troll who stopped by here. The government has a long history of being involved with these cults and it’s not unreasonable to suspect they are involved with WBC.

    • mkourim said, on December 5, 2011 at 8:34 am

      How do You know where ther money comes from? Where are your sources? nothing you said in here is backed by any credited sources, it all sounds as though it is your opinion.

      Don’t get me wrong I hate the WBC, I am a christian and a soldier and I despise theses peaple, I hardly doubt that the goverment is involved with them. If So there is a little thing in the constition that says the peaple have the right to overthrow the goverment. If theses 2 were in bed together that just may be enacted.

  10. V said, on November 29, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    I’ve always wondered about where their money is coming from. But on the whole, your theory seems like too large of a scheme on our government’s part just to give people something to hate instead of the government. If anything, this makes me detest our government more for their inaction and tolerance of these people. WBC being a psy-op would be a very roundabout way of diverting attention.

  11. Justifiedtype said, on December 1, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    And your explanation is… what? That this is a legitimate religious organization? I have difficulties accepting that. Just because some group CALLS itself “Christian” really doesn’t mean anything. They have no connection at all with any other established Christian groups. Secondly, their uncontrolled rage and hatred is far more psychotic than it is “Christian.” The majority of their protests make no sense whatsoever. Thirdly, I saw firsthand the enormous amount of Police protection these people receive–at ALL levels. It was quite extraordinary. Fourth, there is a definite history of government involvement with these cults–and that’s just what WBC is: a cult. So, it’s not as if WBC is anything new. Finally, the Establishment Press love describing these people as “Anti-War” activists, and we know that the government has a long history of infiltrating and discrediting legitimate anti-war groups.

  12. Chris said, on March 25, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Hey there, Katin.

    The ridiculous ‘pastor’ Phelps has been spouting off again – this time about Australia suffering the bushfires as punishment for promoting homosexuality WHICH is what pricked my ears up and delivered me here in the first place. (I googled ‘Westboro Baptist Psyop). I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to NWO agendas – I can smell a psyop a mile away. Well done with your salient points and well constructed article.

    Yours in Peace and Truth,


  13. Frederick @ said, on August 9, 2009 at 3:46 am

    As for the Frederick Maryland question. I was one of the opposition party. I think “a few hundred” is a bit big, maybe a hundred.
    The police protected them while they were doing their protest, they even broke up our conga line. When the WBC went to leave we did escort them loudly and at a fast pace. They drove like morons and tried to run some of us down, ignored the commands of the police protesting them, then drove into a dead end alley and we blocked the way back out. The cops protected them there and eventually borrowed our bullhorn to tell us to let them go. They would have never been in a position to have a window smashed if they had listened to the cops. One teen was taken downtown, then later released.

    While they were leaving we heard them talking about leaving the other car behind, we were nice and did not go looking for it.

    I think they know to stay out of Frederick in the future.

  14. BB WOLFE said, on March 23, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Look at the group’s entry on Wikipedia — a massively long, detailed entry about a totally marginal, tiny little grouplet who almost revel in the absurd. The entry has a “locked” status. Who accorded it that? Why? And, among the reams of carefully gathered info about this insignificant family group, there is NO information about who finances it. How bizarre. I think Wikipedia is engaged in something of a conspiracy to elevate the WBC to a status it does not deserve – and details of who finances it may lead to some surprising revelations.

    • justifiedtype said, on April 3, 2010 at 6:54 am

      Excellent point. Thanks for posting. There’s so much about this group which is just … bizarre. The Establishment certainly enjoys labeling them “Anti-War Protesters.”

  15. PJ said, on November 27, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Justified type whats your explanation for why the government would want them to protest at the funeral of Aids victims and Matthew Shepard?

    How does that fit in? Cause innfact they did not start off with protesting military funerals but those of aids victims and matt shepard.

    • Ted Smith said, on August 16, 2015 at 4:20 am

      You don’t think that the puppet masters have the minimal intelligence to realize to throw the occasional spanner in the works, just so the shills and idiots can utilize this. Obvious the lunacy of the oligarchy is a step beyond the idiocy of humanity. Let me make it more clear to you, these crypto-luciferic-jews have been doing this for thousands of years, they have control of the universities, think tanks and media. They are well versed in covert ops, co intel pro etc, conducted studies, know how the brain works, know how people think, know what to add into the food and water just right etc. Does this answer how easily is it to sucker people in?

  16. Factseeker said, on March 8, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Does anyone fact check this shit, or do you blindly believe shit you read on a blog, way to fall prey to the availability cascade dipshits

  17. nick said, on April 29, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    possibly the most ridiculous, stupid, no evidence, circumstantial thing i have ever read.

  18. magpie said, on December 15, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    And not a single reference to the “good” reverend’s ties to Al Gore?

  19. […] Westboro Baptist Church: Government Psy-Op « The IPCRESS Blog. […]

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  21. Walter M. Dohrom said, on April 16, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Katin – I find this quite the interesting piece. Obviously you have done your homework on this hate group, and I’d like to correspond with you in a more private forum rather then this thread…

    A few years back (quite a few), I was toying the notion of writing a free lance article for a local paper where I live. I contacted Shirley Phelps via their website & asked her permission to submit a few questions; hoping she would respond, etc, etc….

    Needless to say that after a couple conversations over the phone, and a few emails back & forth – I quickly realized that any further publicity towards this group was akin to a dis-service to mankind everywhere; and they were better left unmentioned any more then they already are in today’s media.

    Now my curiosity is purely personal, and if you are game for it – maybe we can email back and forth to share one another’s experience about this group?

    My contact info is added below from posting here, and as this was written a long time ago – I’m not sure if you still receive input from this thread, or if it is fact now a dead link….but – worth a shot.

    Good article by the way – at the least…makes you wonder.

  22. james said, on September 5, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I really hope to check out the same high-grade blog

  23. hanson said, on April 10, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    I have always felt this group was really too ridiculous to be a real protest group. Your theory makes sense. Psy-Op is something the nations of the world have used for centuries. Its not too outlandish to think this group is too….

  24. DB Vehicle Electrics Home said, on April 17, 2014 at 9:16 am

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  25. Rick Wilson said, on May 5, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Well thought out Katin. Certainly plausible. Even if not intended via govt shills, the result is the same as you describe- focus pulled completely away from anti-war attention. Of course the government infiltrates all movements that would hinder their agendas, why wouldn’t they? This is not a new tactic people, it’s fg Art Of War 101, and this millenia-old tactic works very well, especially because people are too ignorant to even fathom the consideration that it can exist. It’s a cookie-cutter replication of one chapter of a book on propaganda, and people lap it up oh-so willingly. The extra police(higher-level) versus the established anti-war group protections is an bovious red flag. Well thought out indeed, and if not completely true, I’m sure the govt would be kicking themselves they didn’t come up with it 🙂

  26. jon said, on February 10, 2015 at 7:10 am

    I think there may be truth to this. It plays most dicisively to the ideological blinders. Its meant to cause cultural war. To Liberals, they’re bible thumping, right wing homophobes. To Conservatives, they’re left wing, anti-war radicals. If they were invited to Clinton events, I think their job is ultimately to advance the gay agenda in reversing don’t ask don’t tell and passing gay marriage. It was there to trick people into thinking that gay marriage and gay millitary is patriotic. Its a very twisted thing. Obviously, you would support gays in the millitary and gay weddings, or else you’re no different than these bible thumpers calling the soldiers fags. They got way too much press and police protection for such a fringe group. I mean, occupy wallstreet did way less than these people, and they were broken up pretty quickly. All they did was camp in Central Park and make statements against the Federal Reserve, and they were dispersed after a few months. These people called soldiers and Americans fags for years, and were able to remain in operation.

  27. lkajsdlfkjasdlfkjfalkjfadsdfasd said, on April 13, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    100% correct. fred phelps was cia all the way.

    • John said, on July 31, 2017 at 4:47 am

      This is a great article right on spot. To add to it, in August 2011 when the Foo Fighters band came to KC they did a skit mocking the WBC, which, ironically, WBC was there to protest the concert holding their signs. Fast forward to August 2016, Foo Fighters back in KC for concert and WBC here to protest concert. Again, Foo Fighters do similar skit mocking them on the street. Quite strange! It is like a coordinated event among the parties and orchestrated by government. Make Christianity look foolish using the WBC clowns while the goofy Foo Fighters dress up in drag like costumes and people cheer. People were holding up signs saying “I’m a Christian, who hates WBC, and loves Foo Fighters.” Boy, I bet ZOG and its government were smiling with joy at their achievement. Lastly, Fred Phelps made millions representing African Americans in civil rights cases. Strange! He hates gays, but has no problem with representing blacks? To be in it just for the money is not a way to argue against this point, as he did civil rights work for years and would have had to have had contact with the Southern Poverty Law Center, who, ironically, tracks WBC as a hate group. Strange!!!! Can anyone say government shills louder, WBC, Foo Fighters, SPLC, etc.? This all serves the following agenda: 1. Make Christianity look hateful and stupid, 2. Water it down with Foo Fighter drag goofy junk, distract people from stupid middle east wars so we government can continue fighting them, and 3. Promote secular goals over religion.

  28. Nick said, on June 29, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    Westboro contains a code word. “West” is known code to mean Jewish. CIA is Jewish. The Jews are behind this to discredit Christianity. They do this by making Christianity look like extremism.

    • Rick said, on April 28, 2016 at 1:10 pm

      Ah, the human need to tie it all together….Even though, 99% of the time, you fools looking for a reason, so you can set your mind’s at ease are completely wrong. I mean, there are actually people who believe that there is a man in the sky who watches them. It’s certifiable insanity, pure and simple.

  29. Ted Smith said, on August 16, 2015 at 4:07 am

    Regarding the Crypto-luciferic-jews, spot on Nick

  30. […] Westboro Baptist Church: Government Psy-Op […]

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