Israel Caught Stealing Organs From Palestinians

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Since  the events of 9/11, there has been an enormous resurgence of the “Conspiracy Debate” and the idea that The Establishment is involved in secret, illegal projects which go against the interests of the people.  The Establishment has always been able to rely on its core supporters to echo the party line and bludgeon the skeptics and “conspiracy theorists” with a variety of arguments designed to undermine their position.  These arguments are always very simple and rarely address the details of the incidents; rather, they try to demolish the nature of these “conspiracies” and prove that such things simply cannot exist in an open, free democracy which is protected by the watchdog press, vigilant politicians and law enforcement officers.

These arguments allow The Establishment to transcend annoying facts and unanswerable questions related to these cases by pointing out that such conspiracies would involve too many people who couldn’t keep a secret, that the Truth would eventually find its way into the mainstream media, that arrests would be made and ultimately, the guilty would confess to their deeds.  People interested in studying these “conspiratorial events” have seen some–but never ALL–of these requirements met.  It has been very rare for ANY sort of “conspiracy theory” to make its way onto the front pages of newspapers around the world and even rarer still for the conspirators to be caught.  Such events would include the JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations, CIA drug running, Federal Reserve, HAARP, 9/11 and the “War on Terror,” New World Order, Chemtrails, Pearl Harbor, and the list goes on.  Supporters of the established theory of history are eager to point out that not one of these “conspiracies” has ever been proven to their satisfaction and that, by definition, such things cannot exist.  They are willing to sit down and debate the facts of 9/11 only if it can be proven that a conspiracy of this magnitude is even possible in our society.  For decades now, they have demanded to see one of these conspiracies exposed, and in 2009 we saw such a thing happen.  We saw a conspiracy unveiled on the front pages of newspapers and throughout the Internet.  We saw people arrested, and finally, a week before Christmas, we heard a confession from the perpetrators themselves.  This was easily the biggest news event of the year; but while it appeared everywhere, the press chose to minimize its importance and remove it from any of the end-of-year lists of “Big News Events.”

It took six months for this story to unravel, and now that it has been proven to be true, more facts should be revealed in 2010.  The bombshell headline appeared in August and took several different forms.  Here is one:

Israeli Army Body Snatching Palestinians For Organs

At first glance, such a concept is so horrific, so demoniacal, that we are tempted to simply dismiss it out of hand.  Such a thing couldn’t possibly be true.  Spokespeople for the Israeli state angrily denounced this accusation, which was made by the Swedish journalist, Donald Bostrom in the Aftonbladet.  They contacted the Swedish government demanding that the paper print a retraction.  The Swedes refused, citing their freedom of the press.  For months, The Israeli Establishment hurled the familiar arguments against Mr. Bostrom.  They claimed that such a conspiracy would involve a large number of people, people in the military, politicians, doctors, law enforcement, etc.  They said this was an anti-Semitic lie on the same scale as Nazi propaganda, a reiteration of the old “Blood Libel” traditionally used against the Jews.  It was baseless hate speech.  In December, however, it was shown that most (if not ALL) of the charges were true and that such a conspiracy actually exists.  It was an important moment for the historical skeptics.

This particular conspiracy has been around for decades.  It has been a frequent charge made by the Palestinians, but routinely ignored by the world press.  During the 1990s, Mr. Bostrom was approached by several UN workers in Gaza.  They claimed that such crimes were being committed against the Palestinian people, but they needed the help of a journalist to investigate the matter and break it to the world if it turned out to be true.  Bostrom researched the matter and found that the evidence was overwhelming.  Israeli soldiers were bringing dead and wounded Palestinians to a certain location where they underwent “unauthorized autopsies.”  The bodies were later returned to Palestinian villages where they showed large surgical scars, hastily sewn-up.  Sometimes they were delivered in metal coffins which were welded shut.  There were evening burials supervised by the military.

At this time, Bostrom’s findings were so explosive that he decided not to publish them immediately.  He waited until August, 2009, because it was in July of that year that another story broke.  It was the first documented case of organ trafficking in US history.   Orthodox Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn was arrested after a ten year investigation.,2933,534838,00.html

Rosenbaum’s arrest coincided with a larger federal sting operation centered on a money laundering racket.  44 arrests were made on July 10, including 3 New Jersey mayors and five rabbis.  More arrests followed.  Rosenbaum was the only person indicted on organ trafficking charges and the large size of the operation seemed to dwarf his arrest.  Still, the tape recorded evidence clearly shows that there is an active organ trafficking group in the US with ties to Israel.

The above article says that the kidney donors were “vulnerable people from Israel.”  Who could that be?  Are “vulnerable” Israeli Jews being secretly flown to New York to sell their kidneys?  Are times really that bad for Israel’s citizens–that they have to sell their kidneys?  And in such numbers that this has become an industry?  I doubt this.  It is obvious that these donors came from Israel’s most vulnerable community: the Palestinian people. This chilling exerpt is taken from the above article:

Rosenbaum carried a gun, and when a potential organ seller would get cold feet, Rosenbaum would use his finger to simulate firing a gun at the person’s head.

This certainly indicates coercion, and in light of some of the popular tactics Israel uses against the Palestinians such a thing is easy to believe (if the Israelis are pursuing a suspected militant, they will often throw his family into the Abu Zuneima concentration camp, forcing him to surface.)  It’s likely that with so many Palestinians in Israeli prisons that similar tactics are used to force these people to give up one of their kidneys.  I have yet to read any detailed accounts of these organ “sales,” but believe that the circumstances are more tragic and horrific than I am imagining.  Rosenbaum received $160,000 per kidney and supposedly paid the “donor” $10,000.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these Palestinians were simply murdered for both their kidneys.

After Rosenbaum’s arrest made front-page news around the world, Donald Bostrom decided to publish his piece about organ theft in Israel.  Bostrom reported that body parts were being stolen from dead Palestinians.  Even more sinister were the stories of Palestinians being abducted and then murdered for their organs.  Israeli representatives made the standard rebuttals, accusing the Swedish paper of resurrecting the old “Blood Libel” charge against the Jews and trying to get away with a lie of “Nazi” proportions.  They tried to undermine the charges by pointing out that this conspiracy would involve soldiers, doctors, politicians, criminals, and so many other people that they would be unable to keep such a thing a secret.  This is Orwellian reasoning, as that many people are indeed involved in this, and yes, they did get found out.

After Bostrom’s article made worldwide news, more evidence began to emerge about this international organ-theft operation.   The next month, in September, New York City Police arrested several members of a “Jewish gang” who had been working with Rosenbaum.  These arrests followed evidence uncovered in Algeria by INTERPOL (the international police force,) indicating that Algerian children were being kidnapped and then smuggled into Morocco where their kidneys were “harvested.”

New Jewish Organ Theft Gang Busted

More charges were to follow.  In early December, at a conference in the Ukranian capital of Kiev, Philosophy professor Vyacheslav Gudin claimed that Israel has been adopting Ukranian children for the purpose of stealing their body parts.  He claimed that over the last two years, the Israelis have adopted over 25,000 Ukranian children.  Another man at the conference said that he traveled to Israel to try and locate 15 of these adopted children, but was unable to do so.  This is the most sinister charge so far in this case, and time will tell if it is true or not.

Ukranian Kids, New Victims of Israeli Organ Theft

By this point, it was becoming more difficult for Israel to simply dismiss all of these accusations as being contrived by anti-Semites.  After all, arrests had been made and there was no telling what the investigators in the US were about to uncover through Rosenbaum and his collaborators.  It was time to issue some sort of confession so as to head-off the more serious charges.

On December 20, Israel released a report admitting to taking body parts from dead Palestinians.  Yehuda Hiss, the former head of Abu Kabir, the Israeli forensic institute, described how the practice began by just removing corneas, but later developed into the removal of skin, bones, heart valves, and other parts.  Their claim was that no official policy had been established regarding this, but everything was in accordance with “Jewish Law.”  They concluded by saying that the practice was carried out for only ten years and was halted in 2000.  No explanation was given as to why it was stopped, if, in fact, they believed they were not doing anything wrong.  Of course, the charges that Israeli soldiers were abducting Palestinians and then murdering them for their body parts was denied.

December’s confession that such things occurred “at one time,” reflects poorly on the blanket denials which were issued in August.  Israel’s first response was to lie about the entire affair, charging the reporter, the publisher, and the Palestinian victims of crass anti-Semitism and fear mongering.  But, if they lied about the “unauthorized autopsies” (re: organ stealing) how unreasonable is it to assume that it is likely they were lying about the abductions as well?  It seems that the crimes of Rabbi Rosenbaum forced their hand, compelling them to issue a limited  admission of guilt.  Chances are very good that more details associated with this case will establish ties to the Israeli government and the IDF, so it was in their best interests to get in front of the story to try and minimize the damage.  But, just how bad is this expected to get?  If Palestinians are being coerced into flying to New York to give up their kidneys, what is going on in Israel?  As is their policy, Israel makes life very difficult for foreign journalists trying to report events happening in Gaza.  Many get shot.  We have the witness testimony of the Palestinians themselves, who claim that the IDF does abduct people for their body parts; and at this stage–and with all that has been presented so far–it seems this is very likely.

In the January 8th issue of The Wall Street Journal, Alex Tabarrok helps run interference for the Israelis, publishing an article titled, The Meat Market, where “countries from Singapore to Israel are launching innovative new programs to boost organ donation.”  He does mention, “rabbis selling organs in New Jersey,” but quickly adds: “If organ sales are voluntary, it’s hard to fault either the buyer or the seller.”  This is an incredibly stupid statement, for the reason WHY such activity is illegal in the first place is because we do not know if the “donations” were entirely voluntary.  The fact that Rabbi Rosenbaum carried a gun, which he used to intimidate “donors,” suggests the donations are not entirely “voluntary.”  Tabarrok refers to the “devastating shortage of organs worldwide,” and I have to wonder just what he means by this.  It may be “devastating” for the wealthy who can afford to buy other people’s organs, but it is not more devastating than the problem of worldwide poverty.  And it is not more devastating than the barbaric conditions in which the citizens of Gaza are forced to live.  The organ “shortage” is only a problem for the very rich, who wish to live forever and are frustrated whenever they find something their money cannot buy.  Tabarrok points out that governments (eager to cash-in on this market) are moving toward a system of “implied consent,” where the government can seize your body parts after death unless you specifically inform them not to.  We can expect more articles similar to Tabarrok’s in the near future, where the barbaric practice of institutionalized organ theft is put into the context of yet another “global crisis.”

The fact remains that Rosenbaum’s arrest constitutes the first case of organ trafficking documented in the US and Israel’s admitted theft of organs from Palestinians may very well point toward an even more sinister policy which has yet to be established.  Yes, it’s a “conspiracy.”  It is a conspiracy which has received worldwide attention and resulted in one arrest (so far) as well as a limited confession by the state of Israel.  It is a conspiracy which involved numerous people in various positions and it has all been going on for decades.  And what of it?  The Establishment will issue a barrage of articles gently explaining to the people of this country how we are in the midst of an “organ crisis,” and how the actions of Israel and Rabbi Rosenbaum were merely well-intentioned attempts to save lives.  Subsequent reports of “abductions” and coerced “donations” will be glossed over as unfair accusations leveled by crypto-Nazis, anti-Semites, and hysterical Palestinians with nothing better to complain about.

In the end, the Establishment critics of “outrageous conspiracy theories” who are constantly demanding sufficient proof of these schemes, do not really want “proof” at all.  For even when the evidence is overwhelming and appears in the international press, they are still able to dismiss it all as lunacy.  And when concrete evidence eventually surfaces about the abductions/murders of innocents, they will find some way of minimizing this as well.  The public slowly adopts an Orwellian understanding where it knows Big Brother is committing bestial acts, but are at the same time convinced that it is all for the greater good.    The American public has already accepted the unpleasant fact that our military has slaughtered over one million Iraqi civilians for a “greater good,” and so, they are capable of believing almost anything at this point.


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  1. osobse said, on December 20, 2010 at 3:28 am

    ” It has been a frequent charge made by the Palestinians, but routinely ignored by the world press. During the 1990s, Mr. Bostrom was approached by several UN workers in Gaza. They claimed that such crimes were being committed against the Palestinian people, but they needed the help of a journalist to investigate the matter and break it to the world if it turned out to be true. Bostrom researched the matter and found that the evidence was overwhelming. Israeli soldiers were bringing dead and wounded Palestinians to a certain location where they underwent “unauthorized autopsies.” The bodies were later returned to Palestinian villages where they showed large surgical scars, hastily sewn-up. Sometimes they were delivered in metal coffins which were welded shut. There were evening burials supervised by the military.”
    How much is realistic?

  2. Anonymous said, on June 16, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    According to the Iraqi people,during,and around the Iraqi WAR, the Israelis drugged/kidnapped/murdered many Iraqis for their organs!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are they not investigated???!!! This is not a civilized country, nothing but Criminals, murderers.!!!!!!!!!!…NO..I don’t want another Hitler to be born to deal w/ them. No 3rd WW!!…

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