PSYOP Bombers Stage Iraq Assault: April, 2009

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Suicide Bomber Myth by Katin on April 26, 2009

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

Last week, a series of supposed suicide bombers attacked targets in Iraq, killing nearly 150 people.  Establishment news sources pointed out that these actions broke a long period of calm and we may be seeing a renewed effort by the “Sunni Insurgency.” But these attacks are not the product of domestic terrorists.  The timing of the assaults clealry indicates that the bombers are not working for the betterment of the Iraqi people or to somehow force the Americans out of their country.  These attacks are staged and are intended to maintain discord and to send a message to our political opponents in the region.

First of all, consider the general political atmosphere of the attacks.  Obama is preparing for “discussions” sometime with Iran.  The Establishment media have been building this up as the Big Test for Obama’s foriegn policy plans and many of the conservative mouthpieces have been pointing to the dangers of negotiating with a “terrorist state.”

Against this backdrop of international political tension is the government’s decision to redeploy American troops in Iraq to Afghanistan.  Last Thursday, the 23rd, was to be the largest movement of American forces out of Iraq.  Also in motion is the general withdrawal of troops out of Iraq.  June is the deadline for the first group to be leaving the country.  So, with Iraq now safely under control and thousands of American troops preparing to leave the country for the USA and Afghanistan, what do you suppose the “terrorists” would have planned?  One doesn’t have to be a military strategist to guess what the most effective strategy here would be, in fact, it would seem obvious to anyone: wait until the Americans begin removing forces and then renew attacks.  WHY would these “terrorist masterminds” wait until just before the troops leave to stage their assaults?  WHY would the “terrorists” stage an action which might result in the Ameircans deciding to postpone the troop deployments?

According to the Establishment story, the “wave of suicide bombings” followed the arrest of the notorious “terrorist mastermind,” Abu Omar al-Baghdadi on Thursday morning.  The first bomb goes off within an hour after his arrest, in fact.  The speed of the “terrorist” response is shocking–if unbelievable. They must have suicide bombers all vested-up and waiting to go for moments such as this.  Sort of a Rapid Deployment Suicide Bomb Force.

But the story keeps getting stranger.  Omar of Baghdad is a fiction.  The American military has stated this, as have several other sources.  If he is such a key figure in the Insurgency (with ties to “al Qaeda”) then where are the details of his arest?  Where are the photos?  His arrest is certainly bigger news than the suicide bombings, so why haven’t we heard anything about it?  You would think that this would be the opportunity to show such a person actually exists, but the news is kept obscured by the other events.

After the last of the suicide bombs go off on Friday, there is an announcement the next day tha Hilary Clinton has made a surprise visit to–of all places–Baghdad!  Shazam!  WHY would Clinton fly into Baghdad just after the bloodiest series of suicide attacks in several years?  Was there any pressing NEED for her to be there this weekend?  Wasn’t she concerned at all about her safety?

Add to all this nonsense the unfortunate targets of the “suicide bombers:” Iranian pilgrims visiting holy sites.

The Establishment Media makes no attempt to put any sense to this bewildering coincidence of events.  The “Sunni Insurgency,” determined to drive the Infidels out of their country, has adopted the strategy of attacking other Iraqis and trying their best to keep the opposition forces divided.  If that makes any sense.  Traditionally, it is in the interest of the OCCUPYING force to keep the local population divided and confused.  It is in the interest of the OCCUPYING force to foment civil war and unrest to legitimate their remaining there as “guardians” while the opposition weakens itself with sectarian assaults.  So, what possible military interest is served by “Al Qaeda” or “Omar of Baghdad” attacking other Iraqis?  Even more bizarre is the fact that the bombings also targeted IRANIAN civilians at a religious event.  If Iran is supposedly secretly financing and arming the terrorists, then WHY would Omar and the gang be attacking them?  It’s interesting to note that on Thursday, a suicide bomber attacked some American troops, but the effort failed and no soldiers were killed.  Imagine that.  Just like many of the other supposed suicide bombings of the past, the “terrorists” choose civilian targets rather than military ones.

These bombings are staged by the US (possibly with the help of Israel) to maintain a specific political agenda.  They are intended to legitimate our retaining a military presence in this country while at the same time weakening any political opposition.  These attacks also send a message to Iran: that we will continue to kill and terrorize Iranian civilians who step out of their country, and we will get away with it by blaming it on “Sunni Insurgents.”  Of course, the Iranian government does not believe the suicide bomber explanation and inist that these events have been staged by the US.  Exactly how the US manages to pull off these things is a matter of speculation, but hardly important.  David Copperfield can make a 747 disappear.  Just because I can’t prove how he does it does not mean that it isn’t a trick.  I know it’s a trick, because in the real world,  747s don’t simply de-materialize at David Copperfield’s command, and then reassemble themselves minutes later.  In the same way, it’s simply impossible for me to believe that “fanatical” Iraqi women would strap on bomb vests and then go to a religious event or marketplace in order to kill a group of innocent civilians (many of whom are children.)  And for what purpose?  To instigate a civil war where the Sunnis would regain political control?  Sorry.  I’m just not buying that.  The alternative explanation makes much more sense.

The US and Israel have thousands of Arab prisoners.  These people are tortured and subjected to the most modern forms of physical and psychological punishment.  How unbelievable is it to imagine that some of these unfortunate people are selected for “suicide operations?”  This option becomes more plausible when we notice the strange timing of these events and how the suicide bombings always work out for the benefit of the Occupiers.

It’s disturbing that opposition groups here in the US don’t pick up on this.  Most 9/11 Truthers, who have been working for years to expose the hoaxed suicide bombings of September 11th, unthinkingly accept as fact these obviously staged events which are taking place right now in Iraq.


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