British Plan Training Camp for Terrorists/”Suicide Bombers”

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The news is more about emphasis than revealing facts. Evidence linking Coalition/NWO forces with synthetic terrorism eventually makes its way to the Establishment Press; but after the stories are sufficiently watered-down, laced with bogus explanations by government “experts, and then relegated to Page 23, they lose much of their relevance. Here is more proof that much of the random “terrorist” activity in the Middle East is being staged by NWO forces.

The story begins on the night of December 23-24, 2007, when Afghani security forces arrested Michael Semple, Council of the European Union, Deputy Special Representative in Afghanistan, and Mervyn Patterson, a “UN diplomat,” as well as a friend of theirs, General Stanikzai. These Brits are both spooks who have worked with organizations such as Oxfam in order to carry out plans for the military. When they were arrested, the Afghanis discovered a memory stick which contained plans for the “European Union Peace Building Programme.” The final stage of this “programme” involved the organization of para-military forces in Helmand Province, an area of Afghanistan where the Americans and British have been fighting the Taliban. The extraordinary part of this “Peace Building Program” was that it involved establishing a military training center for Taliban fighters. A series of arrests followed this discovery, and besides Semple and Patterson, included the governor of the province and many Afghanis.



Hoaxed Suicide Car Bombings in Algiers: 4/11/07

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On April 11, 2007, three “suicide car bombers” attacked the headquarters of the prime minister in downtown Algiers. This was the supposed work of the sinister Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM.) Like all of the (PSYOP) terrorist organizations before it, AQIM attacks only those people who are opposing the US/Coalition of the Willing, or else making efforts to placate Muslims. That’s just how crazy these suicide bombers are, apparently. Algeria was granting amnesties and allowing religious leaders more freedom–so the “terrorists” decide to launch a three-car suicide attack on them. Is this making sense to anyone? If you were a radical Muslim, why would you sacrifice your life to kill people who were handing out amnesties to your fellow radical Muslims?


Cars Used In Iraq Suicide Bombings Came From US!

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This article appeared about two and a half years ago. Military investigators in Iraq began discovering that many of the cars used in the “suicide car bombings” had actually been stolen in the United States and then somehow shipped across the ocean and smuggled in Iraq. One has to wonder WHY a terrorist organization would take such elaborate measures to obtain junky cars which they plan on blowing up. The government immediately claimed that the cars were being stolen by secret Al Qaeda car theft rings in the States. Even President Bush made a special appearance to “confirm” that there really were terrorist car theft rings here supplying vehicles for the “suicide bombers.” This is just preposterous and I can’t imagine WHO would believe such nonsense. Later cover-up stories had nefarious Arab used car dealers in Florida shipping the cars to Iraq. To date, I have not heard news of any arrests of Arab/Terrorist used car dealers in Florida… or anywhere else for that matter. How is it possible that not one of these Iraqi car thieves has been arrested? Are we even looking for them? This whole matter has quietly died-down, yet it provides just one more piece of evidence pointing to the fact that these suicide bombings are frauds.


Depleted Uranium: Fact or Disinformation?

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The Depleted Uranium controversy has been raging since the first Gulf War. For those unfamiliar with the argument, low-levels of radioactivity from Depleted Uranium munitions have been causing cancer deaths in US troops and Iraqi civilians. Some studies have been done, and both sides read the stats differently. One thing is true, and that is there have been a large number of cancer cases as well as birth deformities among the Iraqis. Something IS happening.

The McCain Trainwreck

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Earlier this week, Willie Nelson was interviewed and said that there wouldn’t be an election: there would be a “terror attack” or some other “event” which will enable Bush to postpone elections and possibly implement martial law. As the months go by, and this possibility becomes more and more likely, there should be more people making similar predictions. For now, Willie Nelson is a good start; but no matter how many people come out to blow the whistle on this, the rank and file will go right along believing the illusion. Everything I think about the election centers around there being no election. In 2004, when they determined to re-appoint Bush for four more years, they had to find a stalking horse who was actually worse. It took a while to find John Kerry, but his complete unelectability made the Bush “victory” appear more legitimate. In this election, they’re all stalking horses. They are all amazingly unelectable, and this is the signal that there will be an extension of this administration. The people will accept the suspended election because the Hillary alternative is a worse choice. So, the fake terror attack is inevitable. It seems like the logical course of action, it’s just a matter of when this will occur. Going by The Establishment’s flair for the dramatic, this event may be timed to coincide with something else; and I am guessing that this “something else” will be the torpedoing of the McCain candidacy. He is such the obvious loser in this contest, and a McCain meltdown would leave the Republicans without a candidate with only months to go in the election. This would be the most effective moment to stage the “terrorist” attack.


The Enduring Delusion of The Jewish Conspiracy

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