Emotional Subjugation

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Mind Control by Katin on January 16, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The Establishment has been working overtime to understand a section of the brain which is connected to emotional behavior. They are developing drugs and medical procedures which will be able to control this part of the brain–or destroy it, if they need to. In the last few years they have made enormous advances, and we can only imagine what they have in store for us once this has all been perfected.

There was a commercial airing last year for the drug, Mirapex. It may still be on the air. The med is intended to stop the muscle tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease. It is also recommended for people suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome. View the commercial HERE.
Near the end of the commercial, they describe the following adverse affects:

it may “increase gambling, sexual, or other intense urges.”

“The urge to gamble?” It seems this is another way of saying this is a drug which removes your fears and inhibitions. It is a little odd that there would be drugs which could do such things, but modern science is developing medications and procedures which can target moods and emotions with increasing accuracy. Miraplex is given primarily to elderly people suffering from Parkinson’s, but it would also be a useful drug for the military. It’s no secret that soldiers are given all sorts of medications and the government treats them no better than lab rats for testing these new meds. In Vietnam, troops were given the amphetamine, Amyl Nitrate, for the ostensible purpose of treating smoke inhalation. Who’s to say that they wouldn’t be taking the “Fearless Drug?” Or, who knows what else?

Pramipexole (trade names Mirapex and Sifrol) targets the nucleus accumbens, which is where Dopamine is produced. This is the center for Reward, Desire, Fear, Sexual Attraction, Love, Pain, and Addiction (among many other things.) Every drug which is available-including alcohol and nicotine-affects this section of the brain. Under the guise of “curing” drug addiction and alcoholism, these drugs could be administered to huge numbers of people. The nucleus accumbens is a very primitive area of the brain and we have many methods of adjusting what happens there. The Chinese have taken the radical step of actually removing the nucleus accumbens altogether, producing a person who has a diminished sense of fear, as well as diminished feelings of Love, Pain, and Pleasure. This procedure is being done on soldiers.


Here is a truncated version of the above study:

Clinical Study for Alleviating Opiate Drug Psychological Dependence by a Method of Ablating the Nucleus Accumbens with Stereotactic Surgery

The aim of this study was to explore a new way of treating drug addiction by ablating the (NA(C)), which has a close relationship with drug-induced psychological dependence, using stereotactic surgery, blocking the mesocorticolimbic dopamine circuit, alleviating craving for drugs and lowering the relapse rate after detoxification. … The effectiveness was satisfactory. The relapse rate of drug addicts after detoxification was clearly reduced.

“Ablating” means “to remove,” and the “(NA(C)” is the nucleus accumbens.

The Americans will probably take a more sophisticated approach towards destroying the N.A. than simply going in and cutting it out. If there are consumer-grade drugs which affect this area of the brain, you can be sure that there are other medications which deal with it more aggressively. It’s sort of like giving someone an emotional lobotomy. They seem perfectly rational, capable, and productive, but they are not susceptible to emotional swings. They have no moods. In an essay I posted 1/7/8, I described The Establishment’s evolving strategy of accomplishing this through children and the nation’s school systems.

These “Mood Stabilizing” drugs are utilized for very similar purposes and they have been achieving effective results. By using “creative” diagnoses, they are able to administer these meds to a wide range of children. The last few years have seen an enormous increase in the number of children diagnosed with “Bi-Polar Manic Depression,” even though this was traditionally understood only to manifest itself in people no younger than early-twenties. It is now rapidly replacing ADD as the new psychological “epidemic” rampaging through our nation’s youth.

Here in my hometown, I was interested to hear of a new program being implemented by the School Department. It is a Stop Smoking Program, and if the student promises to quit cigarettes, the school will give them $50. As part of the deal, the student must agree to take the drug, Wellbutrin, to ensure that they quit smoking. This mild anti-depressant is sold as Ziaban in its “Quit Smoking” form, but always requires a doctor’s prescription. Under this new program, the drug can be dispensed by the School Nurse! The operative phrase here is “Addictive Behavior,” and this is the means by which many of these drugs will be introduced to the population. People convicted of crimes will be required to take certain medications as part of their probation or work-release programs. Certainly, people convicted of drug crimes will be required to take these drugs: drugs which do not simply “cure” you of your addictive personality, but erase much of your personality altogether by tampering with the Dopamine mechanism of your brain. People will be frightened into accepting these programs. They will be told that their children may be developing “manic” or “obsessive” personality traits. They may have a personality which predisposes them to drug use and perhaps violence. Already, they claim to be able to look at someone’s genetic make-up and predict whether they will be drug users or violent criminals.

The Establishment can coax the public into accepting this by painting a picture of over-crowded prisons and violent sex-offenders who will have to be released into society: but thanks to a new drug, their sexual desires can be curbed. Political dissidents who are arrested through the Patriot Act, etc., will be treated with medications to cure them of their “angry behavior.” Illegal aliens may have to take a drug as part of their residency here.

All of this would be difficult to implement without the new health care system which all the political candidates are talking about. Regardless of the election’s outcome, The Establishment is going to see to it that this gets rammed-through all 50 states and then “Federalized” in as short a time as possible. Citizens of Massachusetts were recently notified that under the new process everyone MUST have a health care policy or else face stiff fines. The Poor and much of the Working Class are unable to afford health care, but they can receive “free” care by registering with Mass Health: Massachusetts’s state-run health insurance program. Of course, it’s not really “free,” but that’s how many people view it. The new health insurance programs will represent the effective consolidation of the insurance companies, the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, and the government. Under this system, the government can require you to take a drug, the doctors will periodically test for the drug, and if you are non-compliant, you risk losing your insurance coverage. The insurance companies will be required to notify the State that you are no longer covered, and unless you do something about it, you will risk being fined or imprisoned. You could very well lose your job, as the State could make it illegal for employers to hire uninsured workers. The drug companies will have access to doctors’ records, and can advise them as to the latest medications they should be prescribing. In effect, it will become one large, cohesive unit.

Eventually, we will all be required to have a microchip implanted in us, and it will be the insurance companies who will make sure this happens. Say we travel to a foreign country and have a heart attack. How will a hospital in Spain know how to access our medical records quickly? A microchip will give them instant identification and a tie-in to an international medical database. Insurers will drop travelers who refuse to get chipped before leaving the country. And that’s just one method they will use. Behind much of it will be the insurance companies, though.

The following monologue is from the famous “Mad as Hell” speech from Paddy Chayefsky’s NETWORK. In it, Peter Finch delivers one of the most poignant political speeches on film (for which he won the Academy Award.) His message is that political change is not possible unless people are sufficiently angry to make such change happen. The movie presents a very sophisticated political understanding, much of which hinges on interpersonal, psychological dynamics. Here is the script. A link to the video is HERE.

“I don’t want you to riot. I

don’t want you to protest. I

don’t want you to write your

congressmen. Because I wouldn’t

know what to tell you to write.

I don’t know what to do about the

depression and the inflation and

the defense budget and the Russians

and crime in the street. All

I know is first you got to get

mad. You’ve got to say: “I’m

mad as hell and I’m not going

to take this any more. I’m a

human being, goddammit. My life

has value.”

The Establishment understands that such an emotional perspective is essential for any mass opposition to their policies. All the blogging and posturing poses little threat to them, and it is for this reason they show little interest in undermining the opposition sentiment in our society–especially anti-Establishment sentiment here on the Internet. So long as people are not angry, The Establishment will remain unconcerned with what these people have to say. They may even encourage these people to speak out, knowing that they aren’t upset enough to actually struggle for their rights. As the old saying goes, “It’s not the words, it’s the music,” and it matters not a bit what your message is or if you have an accurate grasp of political reality: so long as you aren’t really angry about it, The Establishment will pretty much let you go about your way. The Rulers, then, are far more concerned with the psyche of the American people than they are with any nascent opposition groups; and the development and distribution of these “mood-stabilizing” drugs is a key element to all this. And it’s not simply the potentially angry citizens they hope to placate, but the overall ability of people to express themselves emotionally, which would include our feelings of frustration, sadness, and love. In NETWORK, there is a wonderful exchange between William Holden and Faye Dunaway, both executives at a television news station, and both with different attitudes towards Life, Love and politics (in the previous clip, Diana is the TV executive who hears Howard Beale’s speech and is excited by how it will drive up ratings.) William Holden is announcing the end of his relationship with Dunaway, indicating how she has become desensitized to the human condition:

“It’s too late, Diana! There’s

nothing left in you that I can live

with! You’re one of Howard’s

humanoids, and, if I stay with you,

I’ll be destroyed! Like Howard

Beale was destroyed! Like Laureen

Hobbs was destroyed! Like

everything you and the institution

of television touch is destroyed!

You are television incarnate, Diana,

indifferent to suffering,

insensitive to joy. All of life is

reduced to the common rubble of

banality. War, murder, death are

all the same to you as bottles of

beer. The daily business of life is

a corrupt comedy. You even shatter

the sensations of time and space

into split-seconds and instant

replays. You are madness, Diana,

virulent madness, and everything you

touch dies with you. Well, not me!

Not while I can still feel pleasure

and pain and love!”

Some people assume that such an understanding implies an intentional conspiracy engineered by an all-powerful cabal with connections throughout all aspects of popular culture and politics. It’s as if The Rulers get together and decide that they will implement this specific program and pursue these specific goals. This simplified worldview appeals to those who are eager to explain everything away as some form of conspiracy: and in a way they are correct. The effectiveness of The System lies not in The Rulers’ ability to simply overpower their subjects and force them into accepting this program. It succeeds by getting the populace to beg for their own subjugation. The populace begs to be brainwashed. They beg to be lobotomized and to have their emotional capacities eroded to some infantile level. The Rulers do not insist that the people become obsessed with sporting events: the people gravitate towards this themselves. They will admit that Sports Culture, popular music, movies, video games, etc., are all various forms of escapism, and this acknowledgment is at the heart of society’s schizo mindset. People will realize that things are bad, that there is widespread suffering, injustice, and cruelty, and they will readily confess to seeking an escape from having to face this. After weathering several failed love relationships, citizens can easily be steered into believing that life will be better by simply abandoning the desire to be in love or the desire for intimacy. As William Holden says in the above quote, ours is a society which has already become “indifferent to suffering, insensitive to joy.” We are a culture obsessed with entertainment. Our primary goal is amusing ourselves. If we need to express frustration with our soulless existence, we claw at one another over nonsensical issues. Researching the attitude of modern Atheists, I am always amazed at the mock anger and indignation these people spout at those who choose to believe in God. Not too long ago, it was considered unseemly to berate someone for their religious views. Now, it’s a popular sport on the Internet to vent your rage at anyone who dares to consider some spiritual understanding. The idea of Love has been thoroughly depersonalized, so we only use the term in phrases such as, “I love the USA,” or “I love the Miami Dolphins.” This is all a transitional phase as we approach the total desensitization of society. As usual, it is the Middle Class which best expresses the desires of The Rulers by maintaining their evolving bourgeois worldview. Nothing much exists beyond the financial transaction, the accumulation of wealth, and the never ending quest for amusement and distraction. In one of the final scenes from NETWORK, Howard Beale confronts Arthur Jensen, the head of the network. Jensen explains the workings of the world to Beale, and concludes with his Orwellian vision of a world where all anxieties are tranquilized and “all boredom amused.” The clip is HERE.

A project of this scope isn’t as difficult to implement as many people might assume. It almost implements itself as the people become prepared to accept it. The psyche of the country is already in a state where intimacy, emotional awareness and interpersonal communication have sufficiently deteriorated so as to make the “emotional lobotomy” a welcomed procedure. This process is just as much a response to apparent “demand” as it is a scheme forced upon an unwilling populace. As people become more detached, self-absorbed, and generally insensitive, emotional responsiveness degenerates, and it is in such an atmosphere that The Establishment steps in with the painless cure. The specific nature of this emotional degeneration is beyond the scope of this short essay, but I will be picking up on it later.

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