Taza Bombing Prepares Area for The Empire’s Next Move

Posted in Iraq War, New World Order, Suicide Bomber Myth by Katin on June 24, 2009

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog.

On the morning of June 20th, Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, gave a speech to a small crowd in Baghdad. Maliki’s message was for people to prepare for the withdrawal of American forces from the country’s urban areas–a maneuver scheduled to take place by the end of this month. There was a grave tone to Maliki’s words as he warned the group of possible terrorist attacks:

“I and you are sure that many don’t want us to succeed and celebrate this victory,” he said. “They are getting themselves ready to move in the dark to destabilize the situation, but we will be ready for them, God willing.”

The people he was addressing were Turkomen, an ethnic group from northern Iraq. For years, these people have been petitioning the government to establish an autonomous state, and they have been at odds with the Kurds in that region. Still, much of the violence in Iraq has been taking place in urban regions to the South of them, so Maliki’s warning of imminent danger probably held only limited significance for these people.

Strangely enough, just three hours after Maliki uttered those dire words, the suicide bombers attacked a mosque in the Turkomen town of Taza Khurmatu, 10 miles south of Kirkuk. It was the most powerful bomb used so far this year. 80 clay buildings were leveled, over 70 people died, and 200 people were injured. Why “Al Qaeda” decided to attack a town in this rather quiet, rural region of Iraq is a mystery to these people. The attack received brief coverage here in the States and was quickly explained as the work of “Sunni extremists” attacking a “Shiite mosque.” The bizarre coincidence of the Prime Minister having warned a group of Turkomen of such an attack–just three hours previously–was hardly mentioned. However, when we place the event in context with all the other suicide bombings (and their attendant coincidences,) we find that perhaps this wasn’t coincidence at all.


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Bush Dispatches US Military Forces to Georgia by Barry Grey

Posted in New World Order by Katin on August 14, 2008

In the guise of humanitarian aid
Bush dispatches US military forces to Georgia

Barry Grey

August 14, 2008

In a major escalation of the conflict with Russia over Georgia, President George W. Bush on Wednesday announced a “vigorous and ongoing” deployment of US military forces to its key ally in the Caucasus. Bush appeared in the White House Rose Garden for the second time in three days, this time flanked by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and announced the military buildup, casting it as a humanitarian relief operation.


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Race, Politics and Cultural Fascism

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

This essay originally appeared in my other blog under the title, “Problems of Race, Culture and Politics.” Over the next few months I will be transferring some of the essays I have posted to my blog on MySpace. I have been blogging on that site for several years as the interface is very simple to operate. This also gave me the opportunity to generate a body of work which I could later sift through, edit, and then re-post to an established blog site. While MySpace gets a lot of flak for various reasons, it is still a good barometer for judging certain cultural and political attitudes. Of course, these attitudes and opinions are expressed largely by a younger crowd, but it’s important to keep in touch with this segment of society. After all, these are the people who will be volunteering for the military, the Police forces, and other sectors of the Homeland Security apparatus. Mass Control begins with the young. There is much of the irreverent behavior common among college students on the site, and one quickly gets used to overlooking the childish randomness which is very popular there. On another level, there is a large amount of focused, hateful commentary which tries to masquerade as simple randomness. This is not a phenomenon unique to MySpace; in fact, the attitudes expressed on this site reflect broader feelings of racism, sexism, and elitism in our society. I wrote this essay about a year ago in response to much of the overtly racist material which has gained such popular acceptance on that site as well as the Internet in general. This was an ambitious attempt to link together a wide range of issues and I hope it hangs together. It would have been easier to make it much longer, as I touch on a lot of material; but I wanted to keep it as short as possible.


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NWO Threatens Turkey, Finalizes Plans for World Conquest

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The armies of the New World Order march on!
Their ultimate goal–armed conflict with Putin’s Russia–is only a short time away, and so far, all has been going to schedule.