Suspicious Shooting of Arizona Deputy

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog.

Final Update:

I am no longer maintaining this post as there is no more information being released about this event.  All evidence thus far points to this as being a staged shooting.  Expect more of these hoaxed events in the near future.

Several hours ago, a Sheriff’s Deputy for Penal County, Arizona was shot by several illegal immigrants.  The developing story already seems rather odd and there’s no escaping the strange timeliness of the event. The state recently passed its controversial Immigration Law S.B.1070 and many protests are scheduled to take place tomorrow (May Day.)  This shooting dramatically affirms the necessity of the new legislation and will no doubt be used with great effect this weekend to deflate the righteousness of the protesters.  While it is too early to determine exactly what this is all about, this much is true: when an event coincidentally benefits The Establishment, there is always a good chance it wasn’t a coincidence.  So far, here are the supposed facts.



The Politics of Evolutionary Consciousness

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

Why has all this arguing over Intelligent Design become so popular? Why do people even care? Are people that passionate about the Theory of Evolution? Twenty years ago, this was a non-issue. Those who believed in Creationism or ID were generally ignored. Today, people who even mention the idea of Intelligent Design are set-upon by hordes of angry Darwin supporters with their vulgar anti-religious diatribes and cartoons of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Are they really serious? Why is this suddenly such an important issue for them? Anyone who so much as questions any of the weak points of Evolutionary Theory is branded a “religious extremist” and “ignorant.”

Are there broader, political implications to this debate?