Suspicious Shooting of Arizona Deputy

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog.

Final Update:

I am no longer maintaining this post as there is no more information being released about this event.  All evidence thus far points to this as being a staged shooting.  Expect more of these hoaxed events in the near future.

Several hours ago, a Sheriff’s Deputy for Penal County, Arizona was shot by several illegal immigrants.  The developing story already seems rather odd and there’s no escaping the strange timeliness of the event. The state recently passed its controversial Immigration Law S.B.1070 and many protests are scheduled to take place tomorrow (May Day.)  This shooting dramatically affirms the necessity of the new legislation and will no doubt be used with great effect this weekend to deflate the righteousness of the protesters.  While it is too early to determine exactly what this is all about, this much is true: when an event coincidentally benefits The Establishment, there is always a good chance it wasn’t a coincidence.  So far, here are the supposed facts.



The McCain Trainwreck

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Earlier this week, Willie Nelson was interviewed and said that there wouldn’t be an election: there would be a “terror attack” or some other “event” which will enable Bush to postpone elections and possibly implement martial law. As the months go by, and this possibility becomes more and more likely, there should be more people making similar predictions. For now, Willie Nelson is a good start; but no matter how many people come out to blow the whistle on this, the rank and file will go right along believing the illusion. Everything I think about the election centers around there being no election. In 2004, when they determined to re-appoint Bush for four more years, they had to find a stalking horse who was actually worse. It took a while to find John Kerry, but his complete unelectability made the Bush “victory” appear more legitimate. In this election, they’re all stalking horses. They are all amazingly unelectable, and this is the signal that there will be an extension of this administration. The people will accept the suspended election because the Hillary alternative is a worse choice. So, the fake terror attack is inevitable. It seems like the logical course of action, it’s just a matter of when this will occur. Going by The Establishment’s flair for the dramatic, this event may be timed to coincide with something else; and I am guessing that this “something else” will be the torpedoing of the McCain candidacy. He is such the obvious loser in this contest, and a McCain meltdown would leave the Republicans without a candidate with only months to go in the election. This would be the most effective moment to stage the “terrorist” attack.


The 2008 Selection

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I’m thinking if there’s any significance to the period of seven years. That’s the span of time The Rulers haven chosen inbetween 9/11 and the next synthetic terror event. It seems that everything is coming together at 2008. You’ve get the election coming up as well as a rise in the number of bogus terrorist events. Michel Chossudovsky has a good essay HERE, where he explains how seamlessly a military take-over could occur here. Not surprisingly, the legislation which laid the groundwork for this to happen was all written under the Clinton Administration, probably while people were obsessing about Monika’s dress. It seems that seven years is just long enough for 9/11 to slip into “accepted myth.” In 2008, the average soldier was just 12 during 9/11. That’s a good age. You get to brainwash them right from the start of their teenage years. Also, the first attack on the WTC was in 1993, which was almost seven years prior to the second WTC attack.