Israeli Propaganda On YouTube: Is Seeing Believing?

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In the spring of 2002, the Israeli military had the Palestinian town of Ramallah under siege.  The IDF had captured three of the four Palestinian television stations.  While in control of these media outlets, the Israeli military implemented a very disturbing plan: they began broadcasting pornographic movies to the Palestinian households.  For those who are familiar with the tactics frequently used by Israel against the Palestinian people, such a thing will come as no surprise.  And they have done far worse.  Yet, there’s something especially twisted about this event.



Terrorist College

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Did you know that The Terrorists have a college?  Not a “training camp,” but a college.  It’s true.  I read it on the Internet.  And this isn’t just anywhere, this is from the “Internet Terror Monitor,” a CBS production.


There is No Right Wing Blogosphere Anymore by Chris Bowers

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by Chris Bowers, Mar 21, 2006
In our August 2005 paper the Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere, Matt and I wrote the following (emphasis in original):
Conservatives use the same tactics on blogs that they do in mainstream politics – attack the media and attack progressives. The right wing tends not to build independent online communities, using their existing offline communities to generate web sites that reinforce their politics and their ideology.


The IPCRESS Library

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