Nidal Hasan and Government Mind Control

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Sorcha Faal is not always the most reliable of sources, yet there are some compelling elements to her latest post, here.  Definitely worth a read.

The Ft. Hood shootings occur just when Congress is forcing through the controversial health care bill.  A similar incident occurred back in October of 2002.  At this time, Congress was voting on whether to declare war on Iraq, but all eyes were focused on the activities of the “DC Sniper,” whose rampage of terror coincided perfectly with these political events.

On Friday, Governor Perry of Texas announced that there were THREE shooters.  Similar reports confirmed this, although news of the other shooters quickly disappeared from the news.  At this point, Hasan is regarded as the “lone gunman.”

Perry’s remarks can be found HERE.

Fort Hood PSYOP Test Fails, Leaves 13 US Soldiers Dead, Muslim Officer Blamed

by Sorcha Faal


In what one Russian Military Analyst (jokingly?) speculated could possibly be a “very sick” way of publicizing a new American movie opening this week about the US Pentagons decades long experiments in mind-control technology (“The Men Who Stare At Goats”), has instead, according to these reports, resulted in a tragic massacre of at least 13 US Soldiers preparing for deployment to the Iraq war from the giant US military base of Fort Hood, Texas.


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