The NWO’s Triumph In Iraq

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on August 10, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

From 2007, this touches on the psychological method of selling The Establishment’s savage foreign policy to the American people. By portraying the US as the perennial “loser” in this and previous conflicts (Vietnam,) The Establishment can get people to overlook the unspeakable: that over one million Iraqis have been killed, many of them children. The Establishment doesn’t need the full support of the people, they only need them to accept this, which represents the real triumph of The Establishment. In another essay, I would like to talk about how this “loser” concept is illustrated and promoted throughout our popular culture.

The Second World War actually came to an end in April, 1945. This was when the Japanese began to sue for peace and it was understood that their capitulation was inevitable. After this there was another war. A much shorter war. It was The Nuclear War and lasted only four days. In it, the United States obliterated two large cities against a helpless and defeated nation. This was a political conflict meant to signal the World that the US had nuclear weapons and was not afraid to use them. After this, it became America’s job to enforce order among the emerging New World Order. An unrestrained, unjustified, and horrifying display of power was crucial in establishing the “tone” of our trusteeship over the planet.

The only problem with Hiroshima and Nagasaki was that the weapons had been turned against a defeated enemy which posed no threat to the US or anyone else. It was the sort of barbaric show of strength that could be staged once, but not again. It is just a little unseemly to go about decimating defeated opponents: even for us.

This was a foreign policy paradox: how was it going to be possible to frighten the ever-living shit out of vastly weaker countries/cultures and still maintain that aura of legitimacy and righteousness? The answer was in a sophisticated Public Relations campaign which would create two entirely different messages for the people of both sides of the conflict.

The Establishment History of the Vietnam War was that we lost. The military–hamstrung by the “politicians”–could not do its job, and we had to leave without accomplishing our objective.

But did we lose?

Let us assume that the Vietnam War was similar in intent to the Nuclear War which occured in 1945. The goal was not to conquer the country or even change their system of government. Our intention was to test the effectiveness of new weapons systems, and to demonstrate to the World (especially the Pacific Rim countries) that we were in control and would stop at nothing to maintain our rule. During this time we killed 4 million Asians in a genocidal slaughter. We used the most barbaric weapons, including napalm, cluster bombs, spraying toxins, carpet bombing civilians, etc. I would say that this display of ruthlessness and savagery was very effective. Meanwhile, back at home, the public’s sadness over the “loss” in Vietnam disguised the brutal message we were sending to the rest of the world.

We had come across just the right formula: a new, high-tech method of waging war which was to complement our high-tech weaponry. The dumbed-down American public would never figure it out. They continued to see “War” as a pitched battle–as a purely military event. The armies fought until someone surrendered. Then it was over. It was impossible for them to see the war as a political statement–a threat. So long as they believed the war was “lost,” then it was possible to inflict the most sadistic damage against the enemy without any fear of public outrage. In the event of potentially serious criticism, several thousand soldiers can be sacrificed in order to draw attention away from the suffering of the enemy.

This strategy had been fine-tuned by the time of the Iraq Wars and has proven enormously successful. Establishment Libs are crucial in painting our leadership as stupid and misguided. Iraq, they claim, is a mistake… just like Vietnam. We goofed again. This is really quite amazing when you stop to think about it. Are these people really THAT incompetent? Apparently so. But maybe not…

The US is constructing 14 major military bases in Iraq, signalling to the world (except the US populace) that they intend on remaining. And perhaps they intend on remaining because they will need Iraq as a beachhead from which to launch other attacks. That makes a lot more sense than the string of obviously bogus excuses we floated to try and explain to war. This is only the first phase of a much larger war–a war which will most likely move North, and towards the Republic of Georgia and Russia. If this were to happen, it would be crucial to maintain absolute control back at our Iraq base–and in the Middle East in general.

What is going on now is nothing more than the systematic brutalization of the Iraqi people. We wish to kill and maim as many as possible, setting an example to the other Middle Eastern countries as well as Islamic people across the World. Simply nuking them all–such as in 1945–would be a political nightmare. The current plan is much, much more effective. In it, the US stages an endless series of attacks against the civilians of Iraq. These attacks are the supposed work of suicide bombers and roadside bombers, either on the Sunni or Shiite side. Muslims are portrayed as crazed, suicidal extremists and the American public finds the story easy to believe.

I don’t believe any of the “Official Story,” and I have a few other essays here discussing the fraudulent “suicide bombings” and how these attacks are all staged by us. My guess is that all this havoc is being caused by the enormous paramilitary “contractor” force which is down there.

By portraying the situation as a “loss” to the American people, The Rulers can get away with all sorts of evil over there. At the same time, the rest of the World looks on in horror as Coalition stormtroopers do whatever they please in this country. Their use of napalm, incendiary bombs, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and giant fuel/air bombs gets no criticism AT ALL over here in the US. News of strange new weapons get NO airtime over here: beam weapons, sonic weapons, mind-altering weapons, biological weapons, etc. But this news travels throughout the Middle East (with much help from the Establishment-controlled Al-Jazera news network.) The Arab World is shown how we torture prisoners, rape their women and children, blockade countries, pollute them with low-level radiation–but most importantly–they see how we can exterminate thousands of innocent civilians while blaming it all on a manufactured “religious conflict.” We can inject ourselves into another country–like a lethal virus–and then cripple it with these staged attacks. I think the Iraq War is going along fine. We’re not out there to win any popularity contests. We want control and obedience, and taming the Middle East is going to require making a strong example out of the Iraqi people. But this we are doing. We are ravaging their country. The people of the Middle East get the message that if they step out of line, their land will suddenly become filled with crazed “suicide bombers” killing their own citizens. Meanwhile, the citizens of America haven’t the slightest clue as to what’s going on. Why, for example, would the Iraqi “suicide bombers” be more concerned with killing other Iraqis than they are with killing Americans? It is an established fact that the ONE ISSUE uniting ALL political and religious groups in Iraq is that they all want the US out of their country. Why wouldn’t they band together for this common cause? Why can’t they simply ignore their religious differences, unite, and drive us out with their combined forces? But, instead of doing this, they decide that the best course of action is to start killing one another. This is the tip-off that something is terribly wrong with the official explanation. On one hand we are led to believe that the US government has fumbled the ball in Iraq and that our country is led by a bunch of morons. On the other hand, we are shown a situation where the Iraqi people are ALSO led by a bunch of idiots who can think of doing nothing but killing their own civilians over old religious squabbles. It’s difficult for me to pick up a newspaper and believe a story which tries to paint ALL the players as imbeciles. I’m just not buying it. I’m not buying the message: “This is another blunder, like Vietnam.” This is far too simple an explanation.

Warfare has progressed far beyond the simple shoot-and-die conflict. It is MORE than a military struggle because there are no countries on Earth capable of fighting against the US/NWO. Instead, we have these “staged” struggles which achieve psychological and ideological goals. The Islamic World sees us as The Great Satan and that is what we want. We wish to rule by fear and we are doing that now. Many of the people of the Middle East are aware of the “suicide bomber” charade, but it is a tactic so diabolical that the American public will never see through it.
The Iraq War is shaping-up to be the New World Order’s greatest triumph. It will show to the World a new form of Imperialism. One where we overtake a country and then slowly and systematically torture it to death.


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