US, Turkey, Israel, Iran and the Real Evolving Crisis

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, New World Order by Katin on August 8, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog.

This essay appeared September, 2007 in my other blog. It presents a possible strategy being used by the Coalition to maneuver their armies into Eastern Turkey, from where they will be in a position to confront Russian forces in Georgia. All this talk about invading Iran is merely saber-rattling designed to keep our right flank secure as we advance northward.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad announced yesterday that he has “proof” the United States will not be attacking his country. He doesn’t refer to any intelligence sources, rather, he claims to have determined this mathematically. This is most likely Ahmadinejad’s sense of humor, but in any case is entirely correct. The United States will not be attacking Iran and it’s great to see their bluff being called by Iran’s President. I still maintain that the immediate goal of the New World Order is to somehow secure the eastern section of Turkey, providing our troops with a corridor into the Republic of Georgia. Fighting continues between Turkish forces and the Kurdish PKK while the US considers the most appropriate time to intervene, possibly sending “Peace Keepers” into eastern Turkey. An interesting coincidence in this rising conflict is the debate concerning the Armenian Genocide which began here in Watertown, Massachusetts. Foxman ended up conceding that the deaths of almost two million Armenians close to one hundred years ago was “tantamount to genocide,” yet the political fallout has a great deal to do with evolving relations with Turkey. At first, it seemed like a strange overreaction that the world’s Jewish leadership would be concerned about the well-being of Jews living within Turkey. Were they REALLY afraid that by finally conceding to the word, “Genocide,” that the Turks were going to be instituting pograms within their country and rounding-up Turkish Jews for imprisonment and extermination? Or were these statements perhaps aimed at something else? It is not a very big secret that Israel has for a long time supported the Kurdish separatists, sending money and weapons to the radical PKK. This wasn’t much of an issue when the Kurds were fighting against Iraqi elements, and there was always this rumor that once the US began redrawing the borders of these Middle Eastern countries, that they might create a Palestinian state in Northern Iraq, to where the Israelis could finally ship the entire population of Palestinians. The Kurds have also been heavily involved in the heroin trade in this part of the world, and this was one more connection they had with Israel. But now the PKK has turned these weapons against the Turkish military. Israel’s “concerns” about Jews living within Turkey may very well have more to do with their arming the PKK forces now fighting the Turkish Army than they do with any statements made by Abe Foxman about the appropriateness of the term “Genocide.” This may be Israel’s way of warning Turkey that they don’t want any action taken against Turkish Jews in retaliation for the military adventurism of Israel in arming the PKK. An added bonus is that the “Genocide” debate is a convenient screen which can be used to cloud any future problems which may develop between Israel and Turkey. At this point, the gullible public will naturally assume that any conflict between these two countries will be the result of this little word game being played-out here in the United States.

It’s very likely that Ahmadinejad is aware of this strategy to use Israel/PKK as a lever to pry open Eastern Turkey, but the US/Israeli PR Machine has managed to minimize any of his remarks by associating them with “Anti-Semitism.” The idea that the US will be starting a war with Iran is just a smokescreen to divert public attention from their real plans. The coming year will reveal who is right, and I believe that the US will not attack Iran and that we will manage to move our forces into Turkey. We’ll see.

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