Detecting Lies

Posted in Mind Control by Katin on May 18, 2008

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There are techniques that police and security experts use to help tell if someone is lying. This knowledge might also be useful to managers and employers, but it’s more important for you — the average person — to help prevent falling victim to frauds, scams, and other deceptions.

Be warned, however. Sometimes it’s better not to know these things. Once you become a good lie detector, you may be offended when it is painfully obvious that someone is lying to your face.



A Few Bad Men by David Holthouse

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Ten years after a scandal over neo-Nazis in the armed forces, extremists are once again worming their way into a recruit-starved military.

by David Holthouse

July 7, 2006 — Before the U.S. military made Matt Buschbacher a Navy SEAL, he made himself a soldier of the Fourth Reich.

Before Forrest Fogarty attended Military Police counter-insurgency training school, he attended Nazi skinhead festivals as lead singer for the hate rock band Attack.

And before Army engineer Jon Fain joined the invasion of Iraq to fight the War on Terror, the neo-Nazi National Alliance member fantasized about fighting a war on Jews.

“Ever since my youth — when I watched WWII footage and saw how well-disciplined and sharply dressed the German forces were — I have wanted to be a soldier,” Fain said in a Winter 2004 interview with the National Alliance magazine Resistance. “Joining the American military was as close as I could get.”

Toward An Opposition Understanding: Elite Control

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

I prefer the terms, “Establishment” and “Opposition” to the old, Marxist-flavored, “Bourgeoisie” and “Proletariat.” It’s not necessary to read Marx to know that we live under Elite Rule and many of the Marxist categories pertaining to these terms are of little relevance these days. “Establishment” refers not only to The Elite and their system of mass control, but also the loose ideology which accompanies The Establishment. This ideology is much more complicated and involved than Marx can explain, and by limiting ourselves to discussions of Capitalism, much of the character of the modern Establishment is lost. This Establishment ideology is far-reaching and has a profound connection with everyone in our society. Any effective understanding adopted by Opposition elements must first clearly disassociate itself from any Establishment influence.

It’s not that The Establishment simply dictates to a compliant society, but The Establishment fashions certain tools and models with which the people can interpret their world. In this way, whatever understanding is adopted by the citizens will always work to the benefit of The Establishment. This mechanism is apparent in any serious ideological attempt at creating an Opposition consensus. The Establishment succeeds in hiding behind these apparent contradictions, idealistic platitudes, and political sophistries, and so eludes serious critical analysis while at the same time splitting Opposition elements which are unable to agree on any popular understanding. In other words, why dictate policy if you can control the debate which determines policy?


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