Osama bin Laden Meets The Aliens

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, New World Order by Katin on March 16, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World hit the bookshelves in June, 2007, providing the public with another pile of steaming political bullshit. The Establishment has refined their methods of mass communication to an art form. The politicians are portrayed as lying dunces who overlook obvious terrorist threats, and then withhold information from the public about what is exactly going on. In this way, the public is forced to turn to these third-party sources for their news.

Many of them overlook the government’s behavior as the result of national security. We’ve all heard this sort of thing: “They can’t tell us anything because we’re in a life-and-death struggle with Al Qaeda. The government can’t tip its hand and reveal what it knows. ” Yeah. Sure. All that classified information we have no business knowing. However, it’s perfectly alright for “journalists” like Paul Williams to write book after book about exactly what Al Qaeda is doing, what the government knows, and what Al Qaeda’s plans are. You would think that if this sort of thing is too sensitive for the government to reveal to the public, then why don’t they stop Williams from “spilling the beans” to Al Qaeda? So, in a country where the government has simply stopped communicating with the people about current events, the people are steered towards these mouthpieces for their news (that is, the few people who actually are looking for real news.) In this way, the government doesn’t have to get behind anything. If and when these phony news stories blow up, the government is far away from them.

And just who is Paul Williams? He is described as an “investigative reporter” and a former “consultant” for the FBI. In other words, he’s just some guy who writes this stuff. He has no military or governmental background. “Consultant” to the FBI merely implies that the FBI takes his theories and conjectures as valuable information (this raises yet again the question as to why Williams is revealing information which might compromise the FBI’s investigations, when Williams is obviously on good terms with these people. After all, the government refuses to release the 9/11-Pentagon videos as this would threaten their search for Al Qaeda operatives still at large. ) The beauty of this propaganda machine is that it is composed of these “investigative reporters” with somewhat vague military/government backgrounds. These people simply use one another as “sources” to legitimate their theories. Then you have real fiction writers, such as Tom Clancy, who provide their own legitimation (the book is “fiction,” but based on fact.) Then there are the talk radio show hosts forming a third wheel in the machine, followed by the movies and TV shows like 24.

The TV draws people in and then points them to the fiction writers, who in turn steer them to the “investigative reporters,” who have secret connections into what’s really happening. The President and the other puppet people act as silent parents encouraging the kids to do their homework. Williams, then, is one of the most important elements in the whole machine. The titles of some of his other books include:

–Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror
–Osama’s Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and The Government Haven’t Told You
–Al Queda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime, and the Coming Apocalypse
–Dunces of Doomsday: 10 Blunders that Gave Rise to Radical Islam, Terrorist Regimes, and an American Hiroshima

So, The Establishment (using the voice of Williams) is now screaming at the top of its lungs that an attack is not only inevitable, but imminent. The nuclear bombs are already here in the country as well as other places in the World (I am assuming) as the book’s title does indicate the destruction of the “Western World.” There is even a personality in charge of the whole thing. In fact, this operative of bin Laden’s was a key player in 9/11 (the irony.) Because of ongoing investigations, even Williams cannot divulge this person’s real name, and in the book he is referred to as “The Fixer.” That’s right. “The Fixer.” Does it get any better than that? I can just see Michael Savage and Ann Coulter using this term in their tirades. I wonder if they’ll interview Kiefer Sutherland to get more information about just who “The Fixer” is. The Establishment is no longer painting the terrorists as simply vicious, random militants, but as an international effort which plans on taking over the world for Allah once they are finished setting off their 20 nukes here in the US. Williams bases the book largely on material from the FBI’s “Confidential Source One.” Ummm… just who was that, you may ask? Why, “Confidential Source One,” of course. Or CS-1. He was a CIA agent involved with the questioning of Johnny Walker Lindh, the nutty American kid they found in Afghanistan 5 years ago. That’s a pretty damn obscure “source.” But anyway (you knew it was going to be dumb,) here are some of the “explosive revelations” in Day of Islam:

  • Evidence the Saudi intelligence service claims bin Laden has an arsenal of between 40 and 70 tactical nuclear weapons
  • Russian sources that claim bin Laden bought 12 to 15 fully assembled nuclear weapons
  • Ties between al-Qaeda and the Chechen rebels who allegedly acquired nuclear suitcase devices
  • Bin Laden’s claim to a Pakistani journalist two months before 9/11 that acquiring nuclear was “not difficult” — claiming they were available from Russia for between $10 million and $20 million
  • Evidence bin Laden spent between $60 and $100 million to build nuclear devices with the help of scientists from Pakistan, Russia, and China
  • Axis of Evil: the secret alliance between al-Qaida and Iran that brings together two religious groups with one common goal: destroying the U.S.
  • (The Axis of Evil is BACK! Expect to hear more about “The Axis” in the months to come.) Newsmax

    Williams is currently involved in a lawsuit with Canadian authorities as he claims that al Qaeda successfully stole fissionable material from a Canadian research lab. The Canadians say this is a pure lie and are going after Williams. Interestingly, the publishers of his book offered a quick apology for the inaccuracy, but Williams is going to fight it out.

    What’s interesting is that Williams has been an honored guest on the Coast to Coast AM talk radio show. Coast to Coast is the long-running “speculative” radio show which has traditionally explored subjects such as The Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, ghosts, and of course, UFOs. After 9/11, many people who were becoming interested in “speculative” political theory were drawn to this show, only to discover that its hosts were anything but the Conspiracy Theorists they assumed them to be. Both Art Bell (the show’s founder) and Noory, the current host, are Right Wing. The Williams interview was displayed front and center, along with several links relating to Williams. It seems kind of odd that a show which is so heavily involved with UFOs should be at all concerned with someone like Williams, or Right Wing punditry at all. Unless there’s some sort of connection. Bell and Noory are most likely Establishment shills of some stripe, but could there be some deeper connection going on between the war-mongering ravings of The Establishment and this UFO subculture?

    There has never been any political context to the Alien Abduction phenomenon: so it’s strange to see the country’s largest mouthpiece promoting the UFO/Alien Phenomenon as being in bed with lying Establishment douchebags like Paul Williams. It’s easy to toss this off as merely a coincidence: that Bell and Noory just happen to be Conservatives, and that they could just as likely have been political skeptics or Liberals. But I seriously doubt it is a coincidence. As I have said in another essay, the entire Alien Abduction/UFO phenomenon is hoaxed, and it is hoaxed for definite political purposes. Because the UFO phenomenon serves the interests of The Establishment, there should be no surprise in finding conservative talk radio hosts such as Noory and Bell promoting it.

    The Alien Hoax strikes right at the heart of religion and helps back-up the Establishment Atheists who can now claim that what people once thought to be “God” was actually an alien presence. The New World Order is seeking to undermine the great religions of the world so that it can substitute their own form of State Religion, similar to what Orwell predicted.

    Another enormous benefit of the Alien Hoax is that political skeptics get sucked into this bottomless pit of speculation and quickly abandon any serious political interests. After all, what do political concerns matter if the planet is about to be conquered by space aliens? I’m always a little uneasy visiting, where often intelligent, politically skeptical posts are mixed with stories of Aliens threatening the planet.

    Ronald Reagan referenced the Aliens no less than FIVE times in his speeches. Here is a clip of him addressing the United Nations. The Establishment wants to encourage a belief in something larger than The System, but they don’t want it to be religion. It needs to be threatening, mysterious, and unstoppable. Almost like the International Muslim Terrorist Conspiracy. The Alien Conspiracy puts the world into a different perspective, where supporting the New World Order is crucial, as we are facing an external threat. Here is an animation clip on Noory’s site, showing The White House being attacked by flying saucers. There has been a revival of motion pictures promoting this understanding, and it is slowly being beaten into people’s minds that the Alien Threat–while not provable–is certainly a possibility, and something which we should think about preparing against. In April, The X-Conference (on Aliens/UFOs) will be held right near Washington, DC, at the Hotel Gaithersberg.

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    1. Bob in Prague said, on May 17, 2008 at 11:11 pm

      Do they really think we’re that stoopid? If so, that’s a weakness we can attack. Like hitting the jackpot: They really are that insensate! Time to rock and roll!

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