British Plan Training Camp for Terrorists/”Suicide Bombers”

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Suicide Bomber Myth by Katin on February 10, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The news is more about emphasis than revealing facts. Evidence linking Coalition/NWO forces with synthetic terrorism eventually makes its way to the Establishment Press; but after the stories are sufficiently watered-down, laced with bogus explanations by government “experts, and then relegated to Page 23, they lose much of their relevance. Here is more proof that much of the random “terrorist” activity in the Middle East is being staged by NWO forces.

The story begins on the night of December 23-24, 2007, when Afghani security forces arrested Michael Semple, Council of the European Union, Deputy Special Representative in Afghanistan, and Mervyn Patterson, a “UN diplomat,” as well as a friend of theirs, General Stanikzai. These Brits are both spooks who have worked with organizations such as Oxfam in order to carry out plans for the military. When they were arrested, the Afghanis discovered a memory stick which contained plans for the “European Union Peace Building Programme.” The final stage of this “programme” involved the organization of para-military forces in Helmand Province, an area of Afghanistan where the Americans and British have been fighting the Taliban. The extraordinary part of this “Peace Building Program” was that it involved establishing a military training center for Taliban fighters. A series of arrests followed this discovery, and besides Semple and Patterson, included the governor of the province and many Afghanis.

On December 30, The Guardian prints a hasty cover story to divert any serious investigation of the matter (both news articles are reproduced entirely, below.) They quote some EU stooge in Brussels as saying that the arrest and expulsion of these two was merely a “misunderstanding,” and that they had become inaccurately “linked” to some MI6 talks which were also going on (no details on this, though. Whatever. It’s all nonsense, anyway.) The Guardian article said that the two “humanitarian workers” wanted to come up with some way of getting Taliban fighters to change sides and fight for the British and Americans. This was because the Taliban frequently interfered with their “Aid” programs, such as setting up schools.

This is quite a ridiculous story when you stop to think about it. Here are these Oxfam/UN/”Peace Building Program” guys who just happen to dream up this “plan” where they will insert themselves into a war zone, go to Taliban-held villages, and set-up a school/program for getting them to switch sides. Huh?

“He was talking of a process in Afghanistan, if there was a way to get people to come on side. He was saying that the whole Taliban thing is very localized […] The problem is that when you do the type of humanitarian work Michael does you are going to come into contact with people associated with the Taliban and try to convince them about what he is doing.”

As usual, The Establishment peddles the most foolish story first. While more accurate news reports may follow, the initial lies are rarely redacted; and if they are, most people don’t notice. The British Press eventually began modifying their reports as the Afghanis discovered more of this plan, and on Febraury 4, 2008, The Independent ran a story entitled, “British Plan to Build Military Training Camp for Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan.” The story does a good job of confusing the casual reader as it refers to two “British contractors” who had been arrested in Kabul on “weapons charges.” It then mentions the memory stick as having been found on “a party of international diplomats.” Further down, it mentions: “The Western delegates, Michael Semple and Mervyn Patterson, were given 48 hours to leave the country.” The EU, UN, and the British Embassy have either refused to comment on this story, or they have disavowed all knowledge of this plan.

The information captured by the Afghani secret police revealed that $125,000 had already been spent on this training camp, with $200,000 for continuing operations. The incident has caused quite a row in Afghanistan, and Karzai hs already sacked or jailed several people because of it. Here in the West, people are either completely unaware of the incident, or they have skimmed-over confusing news reports in the Establishment Press.

So, what really happened?
There is no doubt that this program involved the construction and maintenance of a clandestine para-military organization outside of Musa Qala, in Helmand, Afghanistan. The reason it was clandestine was that it involved training and arming elements of the Taliban. The camp’s ostensible purpose, which was to train Taliban sympathizers for combat and then get them to “switch sides,” so that “aid workers” could then build schools and agricultural centers, seems patently ridiculous. We can only guess what this was all about; however, it may very well have been an attempt to stage some Terrorists-in-training videos, as has been done in the past. The camp was supposed to have accommodated 2,000 people, which would have made for a good show indeed. Remember that the term, “Taliban” is frequently used alongside references to “Al Qaeda,” and sometimes they are described as one, such as, “Taliban/Al Qaeda.” The “Taliban” is often connected to many of the “suicide bombings” in Afghanistan as well. Videos of these “Taliban/Al Qaeda” training camps and “suicide bomber schools” are especially valuable for The Establishment, as the dumbed-down TV audience immediately accepts it as legitimate. While this may have simply been a public relations stunt to gather 2,000 “suicide bomber-terrorists” together for a dramatic video shoot, it may have involved other things as well. I have always believed that many of these so-called “suicide bombers” have been mind-control victims of one sort or another. They my be Taliban sympathizers who were captured, brainwashed, and then trained simply to put on an explosive belt and then mindlessly walk into a marketplace, where the detonation would take place remotely. Such a “Taliban training camp” would provide the perfect source of “raw material” for such an operation.

In June of last year, ABC released “shocking” video footage of a graduation ceremony at a “Suicide Bomber Training Camp.” You have probably already seen this, as the footage was very popular on the Net. If not, you can view the “Taliban Suicide Bomber School Graduation Ceremony” HERE. Apparently, the Taliban Suicide Bomber school allowed an unknown Pakistani reporter to come in and videotape the ceremony. According to the story which accompanied this piece of video nonsense, the suicide bombers were announcing their intentions of travelling to Europe and the United States where they would be blowing themselves up for Allah. One would assume that secrecy would be a major component of any suicide bomber strategy, but these people invite a reporter over and announce to the world what their strategy is. Does this make any sense? And exactly what the hell goes on in a “suicide bomber training school,” anyway? Are they “taught” to walk down to a bus stop and them wait there until their CIA handlers detonate the bomb they are wearing? Are they “taught” to drive a car down a street until it blows up? The video shows a crowd of masked “terrorists” holding little white flags and chanting something. Then they march around in circles for a little while. The whole affair was very low-budget. Similar videos which were shown after 9/11 purportedly revealed “Al Qaeda terrorists” training in the desert. Even though this material was later proven to be hoaxed (by a British cameraman,) this footage is still shown to this day and most people believe it to be legitimate.

We may never know what this incident was truly about, but Karzai had people sacked, arrested, and imprisoned as a result, so it’s absolutely not the simple “misunderstanding” which the British Press tried to describe it as. These people were caught red-handed either trying to arm insurgents or planning to hoax a “Terrorist Training Camp.” It may very well have been more involved than that as the British are experts at the synthetic terror game. It’s obvious that the “War On Terror” as well as the “Suicide Bomber” phenomenon are manipulated/created by operatives all over the Middle East with enormous amounts of government funding, weaponry, and organization; and the Press have a sophisticated means of obscuring these facts when they surface.


According to these reports, however, the most catastrophic revelation contained on the captured British Military computer memory stick were plans by the United Kingdom, and their American ally, to ‘utilize’ these 2,000 Afghan Taliban rebel fighters as terrorists against UK, European and US civilian ‘targets’ in a bid to further their effort towards igniting their populations passion for Total World War.


Suicide Bombers pose for photo-op


Ulster peace process inspired aid workersAfghan veteran Michael Semple tells how Irish ceasefire gave him hope

Henry McDonald, Ireland editor
Sunday December 30, 2007

The Irish peace process inspired one of the two aid workers expelled from Afghanistan last week to reach out to factions allied to the Taliban.

Michael Semple, deputy head of the aid programme for Afghanistan run by the Council of the European Union, had, in the weeks before being thrown out of Afghanistan, spoken to the main intermediary between the Irish government and loyalist terrorists about how armed groups in Northern Ireland had been persuaded to give up violence.

Semple met his friend and former Oxfam colleague, Chris Hudson, in Dublin during a visit in November. Hudson said his friend was closely interested in how the Ulster Volunteer Force, had been encouraged to end its campaign. Hudson had played a pivotal role in the Ulster Volunteer Force ceasefire and set up a secret link between the loyalists and the Irish government.

Semple has lived and worked in the region since the mid-1980s. While working for Oxfam he helped set up schools across Afghanistan, many of which were subsequently burned down by the Taliban and the teachers murdered.

In recent times he has worked alongside his colleague Mervyn Patterson, who carried out humanitarian work for the United Nations and who was also expelled from the country earlier this week.

Hudson said yesterday: ‘We had a chat in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin six or seven weeks ago. He was over on holiday and was going surfing up at Ballycastle – he’s a real physical character – and then he was spending a week in Dublin. I was telling him about my meetings with the UVF and how things were going.

‘He was talking of a process in Afghanistan, if there was a way to get people to come on side. He was saying that the whole Taliban thing is very localised, that people often simply follow a local chieftain who happens to be Taliban and that the Taliban is not an homogeneous group. He speaks Pashtu and he works in areas where it is impossible not to come into contact with them.

‘The problem is that when you do the type of humanitarian work Michael does you are going to come into contact with people associated with the Taliban and try to convince them about what he is doing.

‘I met him in the 1990s when Michael and his wife, Yameema, were managers with Oxfam. I was a trustee for Oxfam then. I was in their house in Islamabad and was there when the UVF made their [ceasefire] announcement in 1994. We watched it on the World Service together and drank a toast. I had been speaking to [former UVF leader] Gusty Spence the week before and told him I was going to Pakistan to meet Michael.’

Hudson added that inaccurate reports that the two men were somehow linked to a completely different talks process involving MI6 had put them both in grave danger.

An EU official in Brussels said the expulsions were ‘a misunderstanding’. However, the Afghan government governor of Helmand province, where the British and American armies have been involved in heavy fighting with the Taliban, said he had warned the two men not to talk to the Taliban.

A number of Afghanis who were arrested along with Semple and Patterson and the governor, Asadullah Wafa, said one of the arrested men was carrying $20,000 in cash. It is common practice for aid workers in war-torn areas like Afghanistan to carry large amounts of cash in order to buy their way out of kidnapping and ransom situations.

Guardian Unlimited © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007,,2233320,00.html

Revealed: British plan to build training camp for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

By Jerome Starkey in Kabul
Monday, 4 February 2008

The Afghan government claims they prove British agents were talking to the Taliban without permission from the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, despite Gordon Brown’s pledge that Britain will not negotiate. The Prime Minister told Parliament on 12 December: “Our objective is to defeat the insurgency by isolating and eliminating their leaders. We will not enter into any negotiations with these people.”The British insist President Karzai’s office knew what was going on. But Mr Karzai has expelled two top diplomats amid accusations they were part of a plot to buy-off the insurgents.The row was the first in a series of spectacular diplomatic spats which has seen Anglo-Afghan relations sink to a new low. Since December, President Karzai has blocked the appointment of Paddy Ashdown to the top UN job in Kabul and he has blamed British troops for losing control of Helmand.It has also soured relations between Kabul and Washington, where State Department officials were instrumental in pushing Lord Ashdown for the UN role.President Karzai’s political mentor, Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, endorsed a death sentence for blasphemy on the student journalist Sayed Pervez Kambaksh last week, and two British contractors have been arrested in Kabul on, it is claimed, trumped up weapons charges. The developments are seen as a deliberate defiance of the British.

An Afghan government source said the training camp was part of a British plan to use bands of reconciled Taliban, called Community Defence Volunteers, to fight the remaining insurgents. “The camp would provide military training for 1,800 ordinary Taliban fighters and 200 low-level commanders,” he said.

The computer memory stick at the centre of the row was impounded by officers from Afghanistan’s KGB-trained National Directorate of Security after they moved against a party of international diplomats who were visiting Helmand.

A ministry insider said: “When they were arrested, the British said the Ministry of the Interior and the National Security Council knew about it, but no one knew anything. That’s why the President was so angry.”

Details of how much President Karzai was told remain murky. Some analysts believe Afghan officials were briefed about the plan, but that it later evolved.

The camp was due to be built outside Musa Qala, in Helmand. It was part of a package of reconstruction and development incentives designed to win trust and support in the aftermath of the British-led battle to retake the stronghold last year.

But the Afghans feared the British were training a militia with no loyalty to the central government. Intercepted Taliban communications suggested they thought the British were trying to help them, the Afghan official said.

The Western delegates, Michael Semple and Mervyn Patterson, were given 48 hours to leave the country. Their Afghan colleagues, including a former army general, were jailed. The expulsions coincided with a row within the Taliban’s ranks which saw a senior commander, Mansoor Dadullah, sacked for talking to British spies. One official claimed the camp was planned for Mansoor and his men.

The computer stick contained a three-stage plan, called the European Union Peace Building Programme. The third stage covered military training.

Curiously, the European Union says the programme did not exist and there were no EU funds to run it.

Afghan government officials insist it was bankrolled by the British. UK diplomats, the UN, Western officials and senior Afghan officials have all confirmed the outline of the plan, which they agree is entirely British-led, but all refused to talk about it on the record. President Karzai’s office claimed it was “a matter of national security”.

The memory stick revealed that $125,000 (£64,000) had been spent on preparing the camp and a further $200,000 was earmarked to run it in 2008, an Afghan official said. The figures sparked allegations that British agents were paying the Taliban.

President Karzai’s spokesman, Humayun Hamidzada, accused Mr Semple and Mr Patterson of being “involved in some activities that were not their jobs.”

The camp would also have provided vocational training, including farming and irrigation techniques, to offer people a viable alternative to growing opium. But the Afghan government took issue with plans to provide military training, to turn the insurgents into a defence force.

Afghan government staff also claimed the “EU peace-builders” had handed over mobile phones, laptops and airtime credit to insurgents. They said the memory stick revealed plans to train the Taliban to use secure satellite phones, so they could communicate directly with UK officials.

Mr Patterson, a Briton, was the third-ranking UN diplomat when he was held. Mr Semple, an Irishman, was the acting head of the EU mission. Officially, the British embassy remains tight-lipped, fuelling speculation that the plan may have been part of a wider clandestine operation.

A spokesman repeated the line used since Christmas: “The EU and UN have responded to inquiries on this. We have nothing further to add.”

But privately, the UN maintains it had no role in setting up the camp. Meanwhile, Mr Semple’s EU boss, Francesc Vendrell, admitted he had very little idea what was going on.

Yet the British ambassador, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, cut short his Christmas holiday to meet President Karzai and “spell out the Foreign Office paper-trail” which diplomats claim proves his government had agreed. They met twice, but it was not enough to stop Mr Semple and Mr Patterson being forced to leave.

Gordon Brown has also said Britain would increase its support for “community defence initiatives, where local volunteers are recruited to defend homes and families modelled on traditional Afghan arbakai”.

Background to the proposal

* December 11

British and Afghan troops take Musa Qala, a Taliban stronghold in Helmand, after President Hamid Karzai reveals that a senior Taliban commander swapped sides.

* December 23-24

The acting head of the EU mission, Michael Semple, and the third-ranking UN diplomat in Afghanistan, Mervyn Patterson, hold talks with local dignitaries and Taliban sympathisers in Helmand. Afghan secret police arrest their colleague, General Stanikzai, and seize a memory stick containing plans for training camps.

* December 25

Semple and Patterson are given 48 hours in which to leave Kabul.

* December 27

The two diplomats fly out of the Afghan capital, despite international appeals to let them stay.

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