British Plan Training Camp for Terrorists/”Suicide Bombers”

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Suicide Bomber Myth by Katin on February 10, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The news is more about emphasis than revealing facts. Evidence linking Coalition/NWO forces with synthetic terrorism eventually makes its way to the Establishment Press; but after the stories are sufficiently watered-down, laced with bogus explanations by government “experts, and then relegated to Page 23, they lose much of their relevance. Here is more proof that much of the random “terrorist” activity in the Middle East is being staged by NWO forces.

The story begins on the night of December 23-24, 2007, when Afghani security forces arrested Michael Semple, Council of the European Union, Deputy Special Representative in Afghanistan, and Mervyn Patterson, a “UN diplomat,” as well as a friend of theirs, General Stanikzai. These Brits are both spooks who have worked with organizations such as Oxfam in order to carry out plans for the military. When they were arrested, the Afghanis discovered a memory stick which contained plans for the “European Union Peace Building Programme.” The final stage of this “programme” involved the organization of para-military forces in Helmand Province, an area of Afghanistan where the Americans and British have been fighting the Taliban. The extraordinary part of this “Peace Building Program” was that it involved establishing a military training center for Taliban fighters. A series of arrests followed this discovery, and besides Semple and Patterson, included the governor of the province and many Afghanis.