Hoaxed Suicide Car Bombings in Algiers: 4/11/07

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Suicide Bomber Myth by Katin on February 8, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

On April 11, 2007, three “suicide car bombers” attacked the headquarters of the prime minister in downtown Algiers. This was the supposed work of the sinister Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM.) Like all of the (PSYOP) terrorist organizations before it, AQIM attacks only those people who are opposing the US/Coalition of the Willing, or else making efforts to placate Muslims. That’s just how crazy these suicide bombers are, apparently. Algeria was granting amnesties and allowing religious leaders more freedom–so the “terrorists” decide to launch a three-car suicide attack on them. Is this making sense to anyone? If you were a radical Muslim, why would you sacrifice your life to kill people who were handing out amnesties to your fellow radical Muslims?

These days, countries declare their allegience to the New World Order by joining the “Global War on Terror.” Those who don’t follow the game plan–and either ignore the GWOT and try to appease Muslims, or else defy the US–suddenly fall victim to the “crazed suicide bombers.” Yes… the crazed suicide bombers who only attack their supporters. Those suicide bombers. Like the 3-11 bombers in Madrid.

But, guess what? The story of suicide bombers turned out to be untue. From The Associated Press:

The bombings were widely believed to have been suicide attacks. But in comments reported by Algerian media Tuesday, Interior Minister Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni said a remote-control detonating device had been found in one of the cars.

The minister also suggested the men driving the cars could have been unknowing participants, perhaps delivery men who had no idea the vehicles were rigged.

“It is very probable that the terrorist drivers of the three cars blew up with their explosive charges without knowing it,” the daily Liberte quoted him as saying.

Just like the hotel bombings on 11-9 in Amman, Jordan, this was not the work of suicide bombers. In Amman, the explosives were placed in the false ceilings of each building–but the “suicide bomber” story got off to a great head-start and people didn’t want to believe anything else. The news has slowly been leaking out of Iraq that many of these “suicide” car bombs are actually conducted without the knowledge of the drivers. Bombs are placed in the cars and detonated remotely.

The 4-11 bombings are supposedly Al-Qaeda’s signal that they are commencing their attack on Europe.

Believe it or not.

Oh… and just as a sidenote…. Russia and Algeria are the two largest suppliers of gas to Europe, and in May, 2006, they entered into a major economic agreement:

Algeria has given Russian companies exclusive access to Algerian oil and gas fields, and Gazprom and Sonatrach will cooperate in delivery to France. Putin has canceled Algeria’s US$4.7 billion debt to Russia and, for its part, Algeria will buy $7.5 billion worth of Russian advanced jet fighters, air defense systems and other weapons. Asia Times

Wow… signing exclusive oil deals with Iran’s strongest ally, buying all those Russian fighters and trying to appease radical Muslim groups… it was only a matter of time before the “Suicide Bombers” paid them a visit!

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