Depleted Uranium: Fact or Disinformation?

Posted in Iraq War, Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on February 8, 2008

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The Depleted Uranium controversy has been raging since the first Gulf War. For those unfamiliar with the argument, low-levels of radioactivity from Depleted Uranium munitions have been causing cancer deaths in US troops and Iraqi civilians. Some studies have been done, and both sides read the stats differently. One thing is true, and that is there have been a large number of cancer cases as well as birth deformities among the Iraqis. Something IS happening.

Could it be that in the race to find a solution, that the DU Crowd might be wrong? Perhaps the cases we are seeing are the result of something else? Something even MORE sensitive than the use of DU ammunition? I am not saying that the DU Crowd has it totally wrong. Yes, there are dangers associated with DU munitions, but, could it be that dangers from DU cannot account for the large number of cancer cases and birth defects?

Obviously, these people have to be suffering from something, and, the most likely cause is radiation. Since we are in a war zone, it makes sense to conclude that dangerous levels of radiation are the products of nuclear weapons. This is certainly an issue much more sensitive than DU munitions.

Rumors have been circulating, that early in the war, Israel was lobbing low-power nukes into Iraq just prior to the invasion. These are the bombs which kill “only” people, and leave buildings intact. Theoretically, the radiation disipates after a short while, and troops are able to occupy the area. Could these rumors be true? Other rumors have been confirmed, that we are using napalm, cluster bombs, and gas against the Iraqis. Could we also be using tactical nuclear weapons?

This might explain why the government seems to do nothing regarding DU injuries among American troops–because they know it’s not DU which is causing the injuries. Rather, they want to float the DU story as a “possible culprit” so that the truth does not get uncovered, while at the same time, denying that DU is the cause of it all.

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