Invasion of The Atheists

Posted in Atheism, Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on December 29, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

Atheism is an understanding which is especially popular among the young and The Establishment uses this as part of a broader system of social conditioning. Ideally, The Establishment should reach them during the pre-political phase of their lives, before they have really committed themselves to any serious political ideology. And the reason why Atheism is so attractive to the young is that it’s a childish argument. It’s an intellectually “soft” issue. It’s the stuff stoned sophomores banter about on a late summer’s evening.

It wasn’t long ago that Atheists all just kept their mouths shut, because part of their “thing” was that they considered one’s religious opinions to be personal: and they weren’t interested in yours. But for most of them, the matter simply wasn’t important enough to warrant an argument. Back in my college days, when I was hanging around Marxists and Anarchists, this sort of thing was never–NEVER–an issue. Sure, Marx had his “Opiate of the Masses” thing, but no one ever made an issue of that (In fact, for the people who enjoy throwing around this little bon mot,you should know that by “opiate,” Marx meant that religion was a “pain killer.” He did not mean that religion turned people into delusional retards.) The Marxists had a greater appreciation for party-building that the “Free-thinking” trolls and dipshits running around the Internet today. But, of course, the Atheists aren’t very interested in party-building, anyway. They just like to barge into discussion groups and blogs, throw out a few smart-assed comments and then go back to watching The History Channel or Shark Week. The Marxists at least tried to establish some common ground with the people they met, and if Christian Marxists could turn more Christians into more Marxists, then so much the better. It is the final irony of Communism that it has survived in the most God-abiding countries: China, North Korea, and Cuba. The enormous influence of Marxism and Communism in Central and South America would have been impossible had it not been for the overwhelmingly Christian nature of their revolutionary ideology.

As I have said several times before, there are only two sides to the conflict: The Establishment and The Opposition. Anyone claiming to be part of The Opposition and wants to seriously represent the ideas s/he believes in, must focus on the most significant elements of that understanding, while trying to establish common ground in lesser areas. We live in a class society and the interests of The Ruling Class are opposed to the interests of the rest of society, pure and simple. That’s what I believe and all I give a shit about. If you’re in league with The Establishment and the whole bourgeois fairytale, then I don’t care at all what your religious or non-religious beliefs may be. I mean, if you’re THAT stupid, don’t even bother stopping on this page to comment.

Atheism has no part in any serious Opposition understanding. Abortion has no part in any serious Opposition understanding. These are both personal matters–which isn’t to say they shouldn’t be discussed. I have no problem with people wanting to discuss anything. However, Atheists who think they’re out there “fighting the good fight” and challenging The Establishment, are completely confused. They are doing the work of The Establishment. They are undermining any possibility for a genuine grassroots radical political understanding in this country. In fact, the likelihood of such a radical Opposition understanding ever developing is so remote, that the politically destructive effects of mindless, loud-mouthed Atheism will absolutely doom it to impossibility. Here is an example.

The recent rise in Atheist rhetoric not only parallels the War On Terror and the Establishment’s efforts to sell this to the people, it also coincides with the ubiquitous harangue over Illegal Immigration. The Establishment is not “wrestling” with the Illegal Immigration “dilemma,” as many readers of TIME Magazine may think. The Establishment knows precisely what it wants to do with people coming over from Mexico, Honduras, The Dominican, etc. I mean… do I really have to tell anyone? An enormous population of young, able-bodied laborers wants to move to the US. They will apply for the most menial jobs and at a fraction of what American workers want. They will help contain wages–maybe even lowering them–and guarantee higher profits for the owners and industrialists. Because they are not citizens, they can be deported at any time. The constant fear of this encourages a more conscientious work ethic. They are cheaper to maintain than American workers and don’t need a lot of health care because they can be easily replaced. Finally, they’re not absorbed well into American labor unions.

With that all said, what do you think The Establishment plans to do with these people? They’re going to put them to work! The little puppet theater being put on by the politicians is only to give people the impression that their interests are being represented, and when the final decision comes down, the sleepy electorate will assume that the expert administrators put their big brains together and eventually figured out what was best for us all. Right now, for anyone who can read between the lines, The Establishment is saying that immigration is going to increase, and whether it’s “legal” or “illegal” doesn’t make one bit of difference. In fact, crucial to the whole charade is getting people to argue about the legality of it all–rather than whether or not we should be importing this huge labor force. Once The Establishment gets everyone demanding LEGAL immigration, well… that’s just what they’re going to get. And lots of it.

The Establishment’s plans to import all these foreign workers won’t see many snags. The revamped Police systems and modern forms of crowd control will keep most of the troublemakers quiet. Also, they may be labeled, “Terrorists,” and win a four-year vacation on Torture Island.

The one potential problem with these people from South of The Border is that they have a long history of making trouble for the Gringos. They’re politically astute and chances are that they came from a country which at one time or another organized rebellions against American Imperialists and their client states. There is a strong undercurrent of Marxism and general rebelliousness in nearly all these countries. It would be hard to ignore the possibility of these people eventually teaming-up with American troublemakers. They do not want angry immigrants becoming involved in any sort of Opposition organization. Fortunately for The Rulers, they can easily eliminate the possibility of that ever happening. There are several reasons for this, but right now I am only interested in one; and that is the growing effect of Atheism. The Rulers know they can keep the immigrants aways from the Opposition simply by poisoning the Opposition. Because of their strong Catholic heritage, most of these immigrants will simply avoid any Opposition understanding which gives credit to Atheism, or the more popular, All-Religions-Suckism.

Until about fifteen years ago, most of your political protesting and radical organizing was done through college campuses. Strangely enough, today’s college crowd provides the momentum and direction of the new Atheist Movement. Led by Establishment Professors like Dennett, the college kids absolutely lap it all up. And what has become of radicalism on campus? It’s dead. It’s deader than it has ever been. In fact, college kids today don’t give a shit about very much besides how much money they’re going to make when they graduate, who’s having beer pong this Saturday, and what color will the new iPod be. It’s interesting that the current lack of political awareness on campus, which draws from a growing sense of self-absorption and attention-whoring, should coincide with the recent rise in Atheist rhetoric–which is also centered on the campuses. As I mentioned in another essay, students can feel “radical” by running around and calling themselves, “Religion Fighters,” rather than make the really difficult decisions having to do with class oppression and control.

It’s hard to visualize any of these college kids trying to radicalize elements within the immigrant labor force. Of their major differences, the issues of religion and Atheism are the most noticeable. Any effort to find some common ground with these people will erode immediately once they find out you have no respect for their religious beliefs. And they WILL find that out, because the young Atheists these days have a very difficult time keeping their mouths shut. It’s pretty much all they have to talk about, as Atheism is ultimately just a device to keep them from talking about important issues.

The immigrant labor force will remain isolated politically, and a good part of this will be because younger people today will write them off as “Catholics.” Ironically, the element which Marxist groups had used to spread their ideology throughout Central and South America will be the element which will restrain the radicalization of immigrants here in the US.

It doesn’t much matter whether or not this all results from some Establishment mechanism, and people who want to minimize what I have to say by calling it a “conspiracy theory” are heading down the wrong path. The bottom line is that Atheism provides the groundwork for political ignorance–especially among college students, who have generally immature political understandings. When I was in college I was best friends with the two leaders of the Christian Union and we would spend long hours discussing politics and current events together. We disagreed on certain things and argued at times, but I ALWAYS respected what these people believed in. It would have been unthinkable for me to say something so hateful as, “I think your God sucks and you’re delusional for following a religion.” I read some of the shit which gets posted on these blogs and YouTube and I want to know just where these people get off, thinking that they have some special license to go around insulting people’s religious beliefs–while at the same time trying to appear politically hip and informed. I have no problem with Atheists who want to have their little discussion groups and meet with vocal Christians to carry on this stupid, endless dialog of theirs: but please stay away from intelligent, politically aware people with your bullshit. You have nothing to do with any responsible, Opposition understanding.

I will close with my opening statement: Atheism is a “soft” issue which appeals to children. It provides an arena for them to act-out their teenage frustrations. You can call people all sorts of names and make pictures of your funny little spaghetti monsters, all the while calling yourselves, “Free Thinkers.” You can kiss the asses of your new father figures, like Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. Just remember that all these professors and scientists are deeply rooted in the Establishment. I degreed in Philosophy from Tufts University, and the joke on campus was that Daniel Dennett couldn’t believe in God because Daniel Dennett believed HE was God. Dennett is not the sort of guy who’s going to share a joint with you while talking about ways to fight The New World Order. His field is “Analytic Philosophy,” which is to say he has little concern for socio-political matters. If people want to follow Dennett in his study of this material, that’s fine. However, don’t start to think you will be part of some “enlightening” movement which will effect beneficial change in the established order of things, because that’s not what these people are about. Yes, they write books, but that’s part of their job and doesn’t mean anything. They ARE The Establishment, and while they would like to see their ideas spread among a large audience, they are by no means “revolutionaries” or Anti-Establishment mouthpieces petitioning for major social change. So, if you’re concerned about Politics, The New World Order, Mass Control, the evolving Police State, the erosion of your Constitutional Rights, or the bogus Global War On Terror, then these academics of The Establishment are on a completely different page from you. Christopher Hitchens is an excellent example of how well Atheism and Fascism get along together, and if you want to know what political direction an obsession with Atheism will take you, then look no further than this blazing asshole.

Students who want to develop politically should begin dealing with matters of significance. Start focusing on the nature of the Class System and the methods used by the Elite to maintain social control. It is in the interest of the Ruling Class that you frame events in any context other than this. They would much rather have you think that the “problem” is organized religion, or Global Warming, Peak Oil, Teenage Promiscuity, Osama bin Laden, or Bird Flu. Personally, I have little hope for the future. The Rulers will go right on ruling because the people are too psychologically controlled to resist. The opportunity for achieving genuine radical change has long passed–if it ever existed at all. And I do not predict that the current rise in Atheism will change, either. Eventually, it will become part of the State Belief System: the Religion of Big Brother. And you can be sure that Dennett, Dawkins, and Pinker will be holed-up in their ivory towers, contemplating their theories of Cognitive Science and Evolution while the rest of you are being shipped off to the Gulags.

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