The Politics of Evolutionary Consciousness

Posted in Atheism, Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on December 27, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

Why has all this arguing over Intelligent Design become so popular? Why do people even care? Are people that passionate about the Theory of Evolution? Twenty years ago, this was a non-issue. Those who believed in Creationism or ID were generally ignored. Today, people who even mention the idea of Intelligent Design are set-upon by hordes of angry Darwin supporters with their vulgar anti-religious diatribes and cartoons of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Are they really serious? Why is this suddenly such an important issue for them? Anyone who so much as questions any of the weak points of Evolutionary Theory is branded a “religious extremist” and “ignorant.”

Are there broader, political implications to this debate?

In a very general sense, there are two groups populating the political landscape. The first group believes that society is structured and economies are managed. Very little is left to chance. It is business in a very real sense: in the sense that the ultimately successful business model is the one which has eliminated competition. It is one enormous corporation running the world and this corporation is run by a Board of Directors. There are no nations. Warfare is carefully contrived among the Rulers. Heroes and villains are cast and an entirely fabricated history is sold to the public.

This group believes in “Intelligent Design,” in a very broad sense. They see the “Intelligent Design” in social structures. They see “The Hand of Man” in the manipulated political system and the managed economy. Poverty is not an accidental aspect of The System. It is a necessary element (used to keep wages down, primarily.) It’s a Conspiracy, in other words. War, poverty, illiteracy, starvation, etc. are all parts of a larger plan which has already been mapped-out.

The Establishment enjoys labeling these people, “Conspiracy Theorists;” and while they rarely provide any detailed or substantive arguments against these so-called “theories,” they are quick to supply a bogus ideology supported by shallow thinking and a skewed interpretation of world events. According to them, there can be no “Design” or “Conspiracy” because almost everything is beyond our control. Random acts of “Terrorism,” “Failed” military strategies, and unpredictable elections all serve to undermine the position of the Conspiracy Theorists and indicate moments of “randomness” in crucial events which are “outside” of The Plan. The Rulers are always busy trying to portray a World in which there is a complex struggle between thousands of different personalities who are forever floating between different groups, where cooperation and collusion is impossible, and where plans often fail. The “World is a Jungle” and no one stays on top for very long. These people–in a very general sense–believe in Evolutionary Theory. There is no “Creator” (ie. Board of Directors) and much is decided through coincidence, competition, and happenstance. History “lumps along” without much direction and it is difficult for people to accurately predict the future. The Rulers love talking about History, and the people who follow along believing what the Elite have to say enjoy studying History, also. For them, history is endlessly complex. It is a mountain of details and trivia. Many people have many different theories, and no one is really “correct” entirely. They are obsessed with military history and the study of wars, as for them, conflict and competition define the human condition, and so, form the basis of their historical investigations.

Those in the Intelligent Design camp acknowledge that history is complex, yet running through all these historical events is a thread which ties many of them together. This “thread” stands out from the heap of random events because it displays intentionality. There is a “method in the madness” and an obvious rationale. This “Designwork” is apparent in the Political System, the Economic System, and our Culture in general. We can discuss the details of certain historical events. We can identify the “thread” of intentionality and argue against the theory of historical “randomness;” but in the end, after all is said and done, The Establishment relies on one principle argument to destroy the Conspiracy Theorists and their belief in a “Managed/Designed” Society. This is the Theory of Darwinism.

This theory represents the ideology of The Establishment at its most elemental. Since it never dies along with the Establishment’s more advanced, bullshit theories, it survives to regenerate new Establishment Theories. At the same time, this theory forms the spearhead for different attacks against Anti-Establishment groups. And, in the end, The Establishment guards this belief more than it does anything else, for this is the most sacred concept The Rulers have.

This is the common thread running through these different ideologies and political movements. There is something within Bourgeois Ideology which is also present within Fascism as well as Marxism. Such an ideological connection would make sense. It would be The Establishment’s strongest base of support: No matter how critical someone became of the established order, their skepticism would always be held in check by this one theory. People may become disillusioned with bourgeois society and its empty ideals, they may see through the phony “World Revolution” of Marxism or the theories of racial superiority held by some other groups: but there will always be a point beyond which they will never go, and it is here that The Establishment catches them.

Marxism and Fascism both display very obvious Darwinian roots. In fact, this is the prime connection between these two ideologies.

The Historical Materialism of Marx is based on the uniqueness of bourgeois society and of the capitalist economy. Capitalism is not only distinct from the previous systems of Feudalism and Ancient Slave-based economies, but the Marxist can demonstrate how Capitalism is the natural evolutionary product of these previous systems of production. In the same way, the bourgeois state will give way to Communism and the classless society. This metamorphosis is inevitable, although at this point Marx becomes a little imprecise in his definitions. He disposes of Hegel’s idealism and maintains that history is the product of human activity alone, and there is no Weltgeist or God imposing any direction from outside. Yet, the inevitable, mechanical nature of Historical Materialism certainly suggests a motive force beyond human control. According to Marx, the capitalist is doomed, as he cannot transcend the internal contradictions inherent in the economy he is running. The Rate of Profit will continue to fall and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And, after the Cataclysm, the Workers will seize control of the Means of Production and create the Socialist State. It is inevitable. They say.

In brief, the problem with the Marxist analysis is that Capitalism does not “evolve” in the sense that certain things in Nature evolve. For example, heat from the sun evaporates water, which forms clouds, which condense and form rain, which replenish the oceans. In this way, climate systems evolve. Storm systems evolve. It is inevitable. But, that which is the product of the Hand of Man does not evolve in the same way. We live in a Class System–not because of any “Natural” evolution–but because The Rulers have decided it will be so. The Class Society is intentional. It is the product of human choice and DESIGN. Marxists are very careful to avoid preaching about the “inevitability” of the Revolution as some “natural” phenomenon. Yet they will use their Dialectical methods to try and prove that it is inevitable nonetheless. Historical Materialism’s inability to abandon its evolutionary dynamic is what is at the very heart of Marxist hypocrisy.

But, of course, Marxism is a fraud: a product of The Establishment itself. Marxism was foisted upon the Russian people at a particular time in history in order to satisfy certain political goals laid-out by The Rulers.

At the same time in history, we see the rise of European Fascism. Like Marxism, Fascism relies on a unique evolutionary perspective as its motive force: The Master Race. According to these people, the Fascist revolution is inevitable because the Master Race has evolved to the point where it is capable of taking charge over the “Lesser” races. There’s nothing new about the connection between Darwinism and Nazism, and there are some feeble arguments taking place which try to pry the two apart from one another. I’m not going to delve into the minutiae here, but I think that the connection is fairly obvious. Since Darwin, there has been an enormous effort in the field of Eugenics, which is basically our attempt to “help Darwin along.” The people who want to separate Darwin from Hitler would have a better case if they were able to show that the Eugenics Movement died with the Nazis. Of course, it didn’t. It’s more alive now than ever before… it’s only that the methods have become more clandestine.

Indeed, the concept of “Survival of the Fittest” supports all forms of bourgeois ideology, whether it’s Nazism, Ayn Rand’s “Objectivism” or the simple-minded shop-logic of the petit-bourgeoisie. We know that Capitalism is most definitely NOT defined by competition. The modern economy (whatever you want to call it, be it “Capitalism” or “Corporatism” or “Elitism”) is defined by Monopoly and Consortium. “Competition” is the MYTH which is promulgated to legitimate the process. Yes, there is a tiny competitive sector, which is carefully preserved, like some endangered species, and which can always be pointed to as evidence of the rough-and-tumble combative nature of “Capitalism,” but informed people know that the Truth is very much different. “Competitive Capitalism” is a myth in the same way that the “Evolutionary Process” is a myth. The modern world does NOT operate on the principle of “Survival of the Fittest.” Those in control are IN CONTROL because their group has ALWAYS been in control–NOT because they have somehow “evolved” into the best possible elite.

I grew up with the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. These shows highlighted the endless conflict between the familiar cat, dog and mouse characters. This conflict was “built-into” who they were and it was as though they had no control over the matter. This theme was reinforced watching countless hours of Animal Kingdom and similar shows. A few years later I was introduced to competitive sports and “Sports Culture” in general. Even popular music was an attempt by different bands to sell more records than their rivals or to “score” more #1 songs. Sex is competitive, school, employment, and nearly everything is some sort of “test” to see how you rank with the rest of the group. This “testing” and “ranking” is essential to Evolutionary understanding: as we compete “by nature” and the competition is what allows one group to advance in the evolutionary game and forces the others to stay behind. By the time we come of age to make informed political decisions, we have inherited an ideological tradition which will steer us down the path desired by The Establishment. These are the people who believe in an actual struggle between Dems and Repubs, between “Government” and “Big Business,” between the US and Communism/Terrorism/Whatever.

So, I am not speaking about some arcane philosophical process or understanding here. This is something with which we are all personally familiar. In our conversations with others we often reach a point where one of these beliefs is threatened, and discussion pretty much winds down at that point. If I had to sum it all up another way, it would be this: Argue about Politics long enough with anyone, and eventually you arrive at The Theory. It’s the Argument of Last Resort for The Establishment, and very often the Achilles Heel of the Conspiracy Theorists.

Darwinism is merely part of the broader bourgeois ideological package, which includes theories of competition, Patriarchy (and the Rights of Aristocracy,) Materialism, and elitism. Darwinism forms the sub-structure for all of these. The inability to reject Darwinism is perhaps the greatest impediment to developing a true revolutionary consciousness, for so long as thinking remains rooted in Evolutionary Theory, we will never entirely reject the basic principles of Bourgeois Ideology.

The Establishment’s efforts to preserve the tenets of Darwinism coincide with its plan to eliminate organized religion. The destruction of religion precedes the establishment of their own (secular) State Religion: the Religion of Big Brother. By associating religious groups with the “failed ideology” of Intelligent Design, The Establishment is able to kill two birds with one stone: they succeed in minimizing Christianity and promoting Evolutionary ideology. I believe in what Alex Jones says, when he describes the political leadership as “Satanists.”

Here on the Internet, it seems that much of the younger crowd has fallen into the mistaken belief that Atheism is the understanding behind radical political change. This is a holdover from Marxism, and is absolutely incorrect. It is The Establishment which promotes Atheism. It is The Establishment which seeks to indict world religions (particularly Christianity) as the source of all our problems. This is an excellent example of the Phony Left doing The Establishment’s bidding and helping to undermine the forces of legitimate political change. It is also an example of how thoroughly controlled opposition forces are and how difficult genuine change has become. Opposition sentiment has been infiltrated, divided, misdirected, and corrupted. This is easy to do once the public accepts a few fundamental ideological concepts. After that, it doesn’t matter what the “revolutionaries” decide to preach, for they will always be vulnerable intellectually.

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