The Atheist Conspiracy

Posted in Atheism, Katin/IPCRESS Blog by Katin on December 27, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

Who are all these Atheists on the Internet and why can’t they shut up? The majority I have run across here have been loud-mouthed, intellectually lazy and politically naive. I believe that a great many of them are either too confused or cowardly to take any definite political stand, and so they assume the role of “Fighter of Religion” as a way of staying in the middle while appearing “committed” to an important cause.

A lot consider themselves part of The Opposition, yet they feel awkward commenting on the obviously bogus Global War On Terror (GWOT) or the war of conquest being conducted for the New World Order. Atheism is their method of finding some immediate common ground with defenders of The Establishment: they’re fighting “religious extremism,” just like the government is. They may have some lame objection to the way the war is being carried out, but they will agree with the fundamental logic, which is that the problems of the world today generally point towards angry people motivated by religious belief. The Atheists have figured it all out. It’s so simple. People who believe in God eventually become crazy and violent, so we should be attacking these people and trying to undermine their belief systems. Now these people–who won’t go after The Establishment itself, yet want to appear as “rebels”–can march around with their little “cause” and their plan to save all of mankind by enlightening them to the benefits of Science and Materialism. They can dodge any serious political questions by simply boiling everything down to religious conflict (or, religious ignorance.) They get to post their smart-ass, insulting videos on YouTube, MySpace, and everywhere else, trying to start these pointless, never-ending flame wars with people. Circulating the same tired, worn arguments amongst one another, they try to put on the appearance of intellectual sophistication, when in fact, it’s just cut-and-paste rhetoric.

The Opposition has become divided on this issue and very few people seem willing to try and get beyond it. Anyone who promotes a position which weakens or distracts the Opposition is serving the ends of The Establishment. It really pisses me off to hear people try to undermine Alex Jones because he’s “a Christian.” Then people will try and describe our political system as being taken over by the “Religious Right,” which is complete nonsense. All politicians pretend to be religious and the various conservative Christian groups have all been duped and exploited by the political leadership. So, political skeptics who are Christian believe that the country is led by Satanic, irreligious criminals, while the skeptics who promote Atheism believe the “Christian Right” and a world of religious kooks is threatening us all. Skeptics such as Alex Jones who believe it is all run by Satanists are closer to the truth than the Atheists, although I have issues with Jones, which I will get to sometime later.

The problem comes from the attempt to try and label the religious nature of the Rulers, which is a pointless task. One of the defining features of the Rulers is that they are able to exploit social and religious conflicts to suit their purposes; but just because they are able to manipulate elements of the Christian Right does not mean that they themselves are Christian extremists. People who are anxious to bash anything related to established religion are quick to jump to this conclusion. In the same way, their benefitting from the recent Atheist “movement” does not necessarily indicate that they are Atheists, either. They are opportunists who are adept at manipulating societal forces, and whatever their personal religious beliefs may be is of little importance.

About ten years ago, Christians began trying to introduce the concept of Intelligent Design into high school education programs. Considering that this is a “Christian” nation after all, I would hardly classify this as “news.” Within a few years, the Atheists began organizing a full frontal assault–not simply against Intelligent Design–but against all religions in general. Led by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Dennett, Stephen Pinker, and others, this seemed to be an enormous over-reaction to the efforts made by the ID proponents. As the conflict began to take shape during the beginning of the century, three elements began to become apparent.

The first was that the leading proponents of this revived Atheist “cause” were all stalwart members of the Establishment. Which was no big surprise. Throughout history, leading Atheist writers (Rand, Russell, etc.) all tended to share a strong sense of political conservatism.

Second, the Atheist onslaught synchronizes perfectly with the government’s evolving War o’ Terror, gathering steam after 9/11 and paralleling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I want to emphasize at this point that it makes no difference whether or not this coordination is part of some overall “conspiracy” on the part of The Establishment. All that is important is that it serves the ends of The Establishment, which is the third element characteristic of this Atheist movement.

The interests of The Establishment are not very complicated. It is necessary for them to continue selling the GWOT to the American public, but most importantly to the younger crowd. These are the people who will be volunteering for military service, applying for work with Blackwater, or otherwise actively supporting the goals of The New World Order. On 9/11, the initial battle cry was that we go out and start killing “Arabs,” but this had to be toned-down because of its obviously ignorant racist overtones. Next, we were told that the enemy was “The Muslims,” and this position lasted for several years until it became too obvious that it was unreasonable to try and condemn all the members of the world’s largest religion. Finally, we are at the stage we are today, where we see our nation’s goal as trying to eliminate “religious extremism” around the globe. This is the sort of message which America’s young people can get behind. After all, they have little personal knowledge of Arabs or Muslims, but being given permission to go out and bash anyone who has strong religious beliefs is a license they find especially appealing. It caters to their desire to rebel against their parents’ religion or the religious institutions they were part of as children. It’s as if Richard Dawkins has given them a special weapon with which they can now use to run around and annoy people–all the while thinking of themselves as anti-Establishment because they are trying to destroy religious institutions. In fact, this is precisely the understanding which The Establishment hopes to exploit as it tries to round up fighters for the GWOT.

The Establishment are masters of disseminating contradictory messages yet coordinating them so as to produce a result supportive of their goals. This is a perfect example. On one hand, they can portray the GWOT as a religious crusade of good Christians versus godless Muslims. This message is easy enough for the duped Christian Right to spread amongst its followers. The rise of Atheist rhetoric merely fuels their belief that they are fighting an ever-encroaching landscape of godlessness. The vocal attacks by Atheists here in the States is suggestive of “homegrown terrorism” which is hindering their attacks on the anti-Christian Muslims. Since many of the soldiers come from the South, this point-of-view is essential to capturing their allegiance.

At the same time, The Establishment is careful not to overplay the Christian card. Politicians are quick to back-pedal from accidentally defining this as a religious crusade. They can balance this position against the rising tide of Atheist rhetoric they support, which claims that Religion in general is the real enemy.

It is a mistake to try and label The Rulers as being “Atheists” or “Christian Extremists” when it is obvious they are merely using both sides to win support for their Globalist plans. It is also a mistake to try and find some sort of “conspiracy” within the intellectual leadership of this modern Atheist Movement. It doesn’t matter. The simple fact is that they are supporting the goals of the Establishment. Period. I do not care how well-intentioned they may be or how limited they may consider their argument. What they are doing has very deep political implications, although nearly all of them are far too stupid to realize this. I do believe that this sudden rise of Atheism is being directed by The Establishment, however.

The long-range goal of The Establishment is to slowly introduce some form of State Religion which will absorb both Christianity as well as Atheism. Rather than worshipping God, we shall follow “Americanism,” which will be some secular belief system wholly under the control of The Establishment. They are likely to retain some empty Christian imagery as a form of window-dressing, but, like the citizens in “1984,” the people will be encouraged to worship Big Brother, rather than any spiritual forces lying beyond the State’s control.

In a larger, psychological sense, Atheism seeks to undermine any sort of spiritual understanding people may be attracted to. While it often hides behind the cloak of Anti-Christianism, the Atheists are opposed to anything which is by nature unknowable. The forces which compel two people to fall in love are just as mysterious as the cosmic forces which brought life onto the planet. We may never know the answer to these questions, but that does not take away from the beauty of these unknown elements. All through popular culture there are indications we are losing our appreciation for such things. I like to call this “Scientific Fetishism” as it ushers in a new Age of Experts who have all the answers for pretty much everything. Scientists even consider themselves qualified to make statements on subjects they have no familiarity with whatsoever–such as Theology. Issues of Morality are left to the “Experts,” such as the endless debate going on now about whether it is right or wrong to torture people being held in custody. The people sit idly by while the experts decide amongst themselves what the right thing to do is. Abortion is no longer matter of personal choice, but an issue to be decided by the experts. And when we need soldiers capable of incinerating entire towns without a second thought, we look for children who will blindly follow the orders of their superiors rather than consider the teachings of some religious leader who may somehow confuse them.

Atheism reinforces the societal atomization which has been going on for decades. It preaches to people that they are alone in the world. Concepts such as “community,” “Love,” “compassion,” are the by-products of a sentimental, religious heritage and can only interfere with individual goals. Atheism helps pave the way for the ultimate political take-over of the country, because in the end, The State is the only friend you have left.


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  1. Mike said, on December 28, 2007 at 10:55 am

    Hurray! It’s the dancing carnival of strawmen!

  2. justifiedtype said, on December 28, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Wheeeee! I’m an Internet Troll! I can’t write for shit and have no original thoughts, but I can rip-off pithy little sayings from other people’s blogs to post as “clever” comments. I’ll have to link to this post in my blog so all my friends can see how smart I am.

  3. Mike said, on December 28, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    Oh, please. When you have a thought which is a) original and b) not moronic, you might have a case. In the meantime, though, you’ll have to stick with getting shit thrown at you for being an idiot.

  4. justifiedtype said, on December 28, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    The idea that The Establishment is co-opting Atheist ideology to garner support for their War On Terror is not original? Yeah, I guess EVERYONE is talking about that.
    Oh, I took some time to look at your blog. It’s interesting how someone who posts pictures of Lol Catz Santa and writes about how their girlfriend is “dynamite in the sack” can accuse others of making “moronic” posts.

  5. Mike said, on December 29, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    No, the demonisation of Atheists is not original, and neither is the idea of a creeping conspiracy out to destroy religious/political freedom. You’ve just rearranged some of the components.

    Oh, dear. You seem to be having a brain malfunction there. Lightheartedness, good humour and frivolity do not translate to stupid, you silly person. Some of the most intelligent and perceptive people around work as comedians, for example.

    Seriousness is no substitute for intelligence, as you yourself have proved. If the posts and comments above are your Sunday best… Well, my friend, in that case I could run rings around you without any trouble. I may yet do so. It rather depends upon whether I have anything better to do – like post a lolcat.


  6. Jeannette said, on December 29, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    The flamer above is rather indicative of the atypical level of intellectual capability among the trendy atheist internet crowd. Their idea of debate consists mostly of self-congratulatory smugness, vague rebellion, and regurgitated, inflammatory bashing of anyone, religious or non-religious, who finds flaws in their approach. They don’t really have much of anything to say that Richard Dawkins didn’t say first, so fantasizing that they’re more intellectually advanced then everyone else will do, as it means they never have to say anything original or be too specific. Oddly, they pride themselves on their “intellect” and “free thinking” capacity, yet most are not particularly well-read OR equipped for serious critical thought. Unless reading the latest Sam Harris book automatically qualifies one as an “intellectual” – in which case, with the bar set so low, pretty much anyone can pick up the buzz words and join the crusade against “faith.” Because, as we all know, everything in the universe can be boiled down to neat, compact little scientific explanations and if you don’t agree, then you’re clearly a moron.

    Though, what really annoys me about the pop culture atheist movement is the fact that they seemingly have no desire to transcend the bratty teenage posturing that characterizes their mindset. They just keep obsessively circling in the same “religion is bad, let’s trash it!” energy, without ever evolving past this fixation. It’s like a perpetual kicking and screaming against Mommy and Daddy’s religion – a way of being a rebel, without having to shift their world view too much. I mean, many us go through this phrase at some point in our lives as we come of age; however, there must come a point where a mature individual has to reasonably ask herself what comes next, as one can only grind that ax for so long. For many trendy atheists, this “next step” is attempting to evangelize the “lost,” a strategy that simply brings them yet another step closer to mirroring the “religious extremists” whose “ignorance” they so despise. The others just stand as gatekeepers, poised to viscously rail against anyone who dares to question their sacraments of extreme rationalism and scientific materialism. With a narrow frame of reference like that, the hipster atheist might as well be an Evangelical Christian. Quel irony! It’s too bad we couldn’t fit that on a t-shirt somehow.

    The truth is that the bandwagon atheists have no interest in seriously discussing specific political concepts because this sort of thing runs counter to their materialist, oversimplified view of the world. It also means that they can avoid the inconvenience of thinking, refining their abstract thoughts and pinning down specific concepts. (Which is like totally not hip because it takes too long. I mean, they might miss the latest Pitchfork review, which could be disastrous!) It’s much easier to believe that everything has to be just as it appears, because all of the assigned experts have dished out their version of reality and this is the way it is. Anything else gets lumped into the Santa Claus/Jesus/Easter Bunny category, which they tote around as a punching bag to try and “prove” just how dumb everyone else is. They have their wry little slogans and can hide the fact that they have no serious, nuanced understanding of anything behind their glorified cultural taste and hipster “irony.”

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