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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

I’m thinking if there’s any significance to the period of seven years. That’s the span of time The Rulers haven chosen inbetween 9/11 and the next synthetic terror event. It seems that everything is coming together at 2008. You’ve get the election coming up as well as a rise in the number of bogus terrorist events. Michel Chossudovsky has a good essay HERE, where he explains how seamlessly a military take-over could occur here. Not surprisingly, the legislation which laid the groundwork for this to happen was all written under the Clinton Administration, probably while people were obsessing about Monika’s dress. It seems that seven years is just long enough for 9/11 to slip into “accepted myth.” In 2008, the average soldier was just 12 during 9/11. That’s a good age. You get to brainwash them right from the start of their teenage years. Also, the first attack on the WTC was in 1993, which was almost seven years prior to the second WTC attack.

Perhaps the biggest indicator is the nature of the presidential election. In 2004, when The Rulers wanted to re-appoint Bush, they had to find someone who was a more distasteful candidate to run as stalking horse. That was a pretty tall order. But, after a nation-wide search, they found someone: John Forbes Kerry. I mean… that the “Democrats” would actually consider this person the best they could find should be reason enough to see that this system is rigged. Forget about all the electronic balloting. Kerry’s candidacy was the evidence. Christ, I hate it when people whine that the Opposition was cheated by Bush’s underhandedness. The Opposition was cheated by The System’s underhandedness when they gave them Kerry in the first place. It was a bag job from the start. And the 2008 election is shaping-up to be an obvious bag job as well. The Rulers don’t like surprising the People very much. Any suspension of the Constitution would need a great lead-in.

Of the so-called “candidates,” which one can you see being “elected?” Who could possibly be elected? Hillary? Seriously? She’s the Great Bug-a-Boo that The Rulers keep shaking in our faces. Our fear of being led by someone as distasteful as Hillary is enough to convince many people that perhaps the elections are real, and that (instead of being so cynical) we should take part in the great election event for the “lesser evil.” She also completely derails any opposition sentiment coming from “Feminist” elements. That’s Hillary’s job. Prevent the Libs from slipping into radicalness and keep the Cons whipped-up in an anti-Hillary frenzy. Then you have Obama. Also supremely “unelectable,” but undermines racial opposition to The Rulers. Guiliani? What a clown. The Mormon guy? The Rulers have put together the most ridiculous collection of Losers without completely blowing their cover. How about John McCain–a man barely clinging to his sanity?

Who then, is The Last Man Standing?
That would be G. W. Bush.
Why not? Bush is one of the greatest Presidents The Rulers have ever had. Bush performs a series of crucial jobs for The Rulers and I doubt there is anyone alive who could do it better.

His first task is neutering any radical opposition with the “Hillary Effect.” People who come to realize that it’s all a sham staged by our Masters are also so horrified at the possibility that just maybe, George W. Bush actually runs the country, that they commit themselves to an “Anti-Bush” position, and the pathetically-duped “Anyone But Bush” sloganism. Just in case.

Second, Bush sets an apparent time-limit to the insanity happening now (as well as the insanity which is about to be unleashed.) Everything will be better once Bush is gone. The people waited 8 years for his term to end, they can wait another year or two under martial law led by a Third Term Shrub. Because then… it will all be over. Similarly, Bush acts as a lightning rod to distract the so-called, “Left.” Everything going on now can be traced back to Bush’s buffoonery. Remember those National Geographic shows? The Brazilian cattlemen need to cross some part of the Amazon which is filled with piranhas, so they take the most pathetic, unfortunate cow , and throw it upstream: distracting the piranhas with an easy meal while they safely get the herd across. That’s Bush. He’s the sacrificial cow for The Establishment.

Third, Bush is part of the whole acting troupe which is part of the modern Terror Fairytale. The laughable GWOT (Global War On Terror) is superbly staged to appear as a World Wrestling Federation Grudge Match between Bush and Osama, complete with family and friends. And now we have Son-of-Osama (really.) Bush is fundamentally tied to the GWOT. “We’ll get him… Dead or Alive.” This is his control over all those who can only see world events when they’re portrayed by actors with identifiable personalities. In this way, they don’t have to struggle with concepts or the disturbing and involved understanding that maybe everything really is managed. They just see the stage full of actors: Condi nuzzling-up to Shrub. The President passing a note asking permission to go to the bathroom, “Oooh, look… he fell off his bicycle!” “There he is catching a big fishy.” I’m kind of surprised they haven’t thrown a cream pie in his face yet. The Vice President’s Lesbian daughter (how shocking!) Barbara’s drinking, but controling her weight. blah, blah, blah…

Fourth, Bush is the dumb face on the New World Order. John Q. Believer is caught in a political paradox. When confronted with the possibility that Bush is part of a larger “conspiracy,” he will dismiss this because Bush is so dumb. George Bush could never mastermind an armed consolidation of the Middle East, followed by military conquest in Eurasia, or spying on the American people, or torturing prisoners, or eliminating habeas corpus, or any of that.

Fifth, it is necessary to let the people know that they are indeed under dictatorial control. Again, The Rulers don’t like to confuse people with surprises. Overt dictatorship is also directed at the few elements of legitimate Opposition which may–possibly–form a threat to the plans of the NWO. To these people, the Rulers must explicitly demonstrate that complete and absolute control is theirs. They can stop and search you for no reason, arrest you under the slimmest suspicions, or just for the hell of it. Any cozy relationship you may have had with local law enforcement would be gone. The Rulers enjoy sending this message to the troublemakers, for it’s the best way of breaking them psychologically. There’s nothing more depressing than thinking you can fight a dictatorship which has the tacit approval of over 80% of the population.

So, Bush is more than just a passive figurehead.

“Third Term” is a nicer label than “Overt Military Dictatorship.” People will accept the Third Term (and a postponed “election”) because the Hilary-Obama-Mormon Guy alternative was pretty unappealing, anyway.

If any of this seems childish… it is. Remember that the people who will be enforcing the Bush Third Term/Dictatorship will be roughly 18 through 24. When the GWOT began, they were 11 through 16. Right now, they’re 17 through 23. Those are the new Storm Troopers. They have been sufficiently isolated from the rest of society with their retarded, solopcistic youth culture and Tube Hypnosis. The harder-to-please have been bought-off with video games, electronic gadgets, fast cars, and the ever-growing array of “prizes” given out to those willing to sell their souls to the New World Order. These kids are going to have to pull the trigger on protestors, troublemakers, and other terrorists when the need arises. Like big fat cicadas crawling out of the ground after a 7-year incubation, these slackers are going to fall into lockstep with whatever the Rulers have planned for them.

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  1. Jeannette said, on January 9, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    It’s funny how all of the pins are being set up right now, through media events like the Iowa caucus and all of the primaries. Everyone seems to be abuzz about the depressing, glittery parade of utter douchebags. It’s really surprising to me just how many people I hear talking favorably about people like Obama and Hillary Clinton. In fact, “conservatives” are the ones who keep proclaiming Hillary to be the champion of their “liberal” counterparts; really, the vitriolic anti-Hillary bile seems to have died down to nearly nothing. Even the Fox pundits are cutting Hillary some pretty enormous slack. You’d think this would be a huge cause for suspicion among “liberals,” but it doesn’t appear that way.

    Of course, that the hopelessly dopey Mike Huckabee or the increasingly senile John McCain could possibly “win” favor in any state is most transparent of all. The goofiest, most unelectable Republican of the kooky lot will be set up to run a futile campaign against whoever the Democratic party proclaims to be the harbinger of “change.” Whenever the election happens, that is.

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