War of the Worlds

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, UFO Hoax by Katin on December 17, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The concept of Alien beings visiting us from a different planet is not only an outright hoax, but it is a hoax with important political implications. Only The Establishment is capable of fomenting a story of such proportions, and only they stand to benefit from the public acceptance of it. In this introductory piece I will present my reasons for not believing in the Alien Phenomenon and then touch on a few possible explanations for why The Establishment would promote such a story. In other essays I will examine certain ideological, political, and theological consequences of this myth, as well as how the expanding notion of myth (and, The Alien Myth, especially) has become so crucial in modern culture.

The Alien phenomenon really should be re-examined, as a great many people believe in the “Aliens.” Most people will agree to the “possibility” of the existence of Aliens while many others find nothing awkward whatsoever about believing in the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms who have recently decided to visit our planet. This is an interesting discussion as it seems to cross political lines. The idea of Aliens is closely tied to the groups of “Conspiracy Theorists,” as these people trade on their total skepticism of anything The Establishment promotes. It’s the contrarian theory of politics, where it makes more sense to believe that everything The Establishment says is a lie; so if the government is obviously “covering-up” information about the Aliens–and denies their existence–we should be able to assume that they are lying and Aliens do exist.

But what if it were all hoaxed?

The suicide bombing hoax is another example of a fraud which has become so enormous, and involves so much graphic imagery, that it has assumed a life of its own and is difficult to deny. I believe the suicide bombings are all hoaxed. There is more than enough evidence supporting this. One aspect of this hoax is that it is introduced to the public in a grand manner. 9/11 wasn’t only the start of the supposed “War On Terror,” it was also the beginning of the Suicide Bomber phenomenon (yes, there were a few smaller events prior to this, but 9/11 is really the defining suicide bomber attack.) All subsequent suicide bombings are supported by the very graphic and immediate events of 9/11.

Like the Suicide Bomber Hoax, the Alien Hoax is kicked-off with high drama: the supposed crash of an alien space craft in 1947 and the retrieval of several bodies. Roswell is the cornerstone to the Alien Truth Movement. It not only demonstrates the existence of the Aliens, but shows how the government is lying about them. These two statements form an interesting contradiction: if you believe the government is lying, then how do you know Roswell is legitimate when most of the information about it comes from… the government? What if the government staged the whole thing? You have the famous picture of the military guy showing a deflated weather balloon, in a charade designed to get people to believe in the authenticity of the space vehicle by putting out the all-too-lame weather balloon story. Since the government is obviously lying, then they must be covering-up the actual existence of space Aliens. Of course, this makes no logical sense whatsoever. It’s just as likely the government was staging this event so as to establish the existence of alien beings. Perhaps they had a reason for this.

One thing which is definitely true, is that there has never been another Roswell. This was the first–and last–instance of a space ship retrieved along with its crew: the only solid evidence that Aliens exist. It has been 60 years now: why is this the only actual encounter we have had with “them?”

And, why Roswell? In 1947, the US had 15 atomic bombs, and they were all located at Roswell Army Airfiled in New Mexico. It’s quite a strange coincidence that the most important UFO event would happen right at the very edge of this super-secret governmental military base. Because of this, the military was immediately at the scene. The location makes more sense if it’s all an Establishment hoax. If you’re going to fake an alien crash and you’re going to use elements of the military to do it, who is the best for the job? Obviously, the soldiers who can best keep a secret, and those would be the troops associated with the nuclear weapons program.

In 1947, it was much easier to pull-off stunts like this. A few bogus stories in a local paper and some dumb testimony from three or four people who “were there” was all that was needed. After that, the myth is retold endlessly by the “skeptics.” Anyone who doubts the Roswell story is guilty of being duped by the government’s lies.

While Roswell was the most dramatic “close encounter” in history, it was not the first time The Establishment managed to fool the public by presenting a phony story of Aliens landing on our planet.
On October 30, 1938, The Council On Foreign Relations broadcast their “War of The Worlds” program to six million Americans listening on radio. We know now that the story of an invasion from Mars was produced by The Princeton Radio Project and funded by The Rockefeller Foundation as an experiment in Mind Control. Hadley Cantril, one of the directors of the Office of Radio Research wrote a series of books on the event for the Federal Radio Education Committee, the most famous titled, ” THE INVASION FROM MARS – A STUDY IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PANIC.” Frank Stanton, another director of the ORR, was a member of The Council On Foreign Relations as well as an executive of the Columbia Broadcasting System. The “War of The Worlds” was broadcast from a CBS studio in New York. Far from being a simple prank pulled by Orson Welles, the event served many purposes for the Establishment. It measured how easily it was to deceive the people, how quickly they would respond to instructions by radio, how closely they relied on the media for their news, and how easily they would believe the story of Aliens from outer space. Nine years later, the Establishment created a similar hoax at Roswell and then went on to reinforce the myth of an Alien Invasion over subsequent years.

After Roswell, Popular Culture was inundated with movies about space Aliens. According to some UFOlogists, the Establishment decided to produce fictional accounts of the Aliens in an effort to minimize and camouflage the truth. Serious researchers would now be unfortunately associated with thousands of these foolish, fictionalized accounts. I’m not buying this. If the Aliens actually existed, the Establishment wouldn’t go to such ends to try and cover it up. Rather, they wanted to keep the idea of Aliens alive in the public’s mind, which is why they spent decades depicting them in movies and literature. In fact, the image of Aliens in cinema is just as alive today as it was back in the 50s and 60s. More sophisticated tales, such as The Matrix series, promote this myth in varied forms.

Besides Roswell, the Alien Truth Movement is supported by four other theories:

1. The evidence of “Ancient Astronauts” and “Visitors from the stars,” which appear in ancient texts and legends.

I find the tales of “beings from the stars” in ancient legends to be the most compelling evidence of all. However, even if these stories were written about actual alien beings from space, that is not proof that such beings are here today. This raises the question of why these same Aliens more or less disappeared for several thousand years, only deciding to return after the Second World War. And when they did return, they decided not to make themselves as well-known as before. The Aliens of ancient legend were certainly not as secretive as the beings of today are. They ruled over countries, intermarried with humans, and helped establish areas of science and government. They were highly visible. So, even if the Aliens were here thousands of years ago, they may just as well have disappeared for good, unless we can find some convincing evidence around us today.

2. UFOs

The UFO phenomenon seems compelling at first, but only if we truly believe that we know everything there is about modern aeronautics and space travel. If the story of the Philadelphia Experiment is true, then the US military was successfully experimenting with inter-dimensional time travel as early as 1943. We assume that whenever the United States goes to war that we are given a show of the latest technological advancements. But, assuming for the moment that our military had indeed built these flying saucers which were capable of great speeds–in what conflict would such a weapon have been necessary? Since 1945, the United States has easily maintained air superiority over every foe it has encountered with the use of conventional jet-engined planes. We still retain air superiority and many of our weapons systems are very old. The backbone of our strategic bomber force is still the B-52: a plane which was designed over 50 years ago! The UFO community has conceded somewhat on this issue in regard to the subject of Area 51. Here, the UFO-ologists admit that we ARE the ones building these super-fast saucer-like craft, but then they say that it is only through help from the Aliens that we have been able to do so. How do they know this? If they will say that we do have the technology today to build such craft, then why is it impossible for us to have accomplished this ourselves? Since all of this information is Top Secret anyway, it’s hard to believe any researcher who claims to know exactly what we do or do not have by way of experimental aircraft.

3. Crop Circles.

Crop circles are very interesting, but like the UFOs, it merely points towards a technology with which we are unfamiliar–and so we assume that space Aliens must be the only logical explanation. A lot of this is simply human arrogance and the unwillingness to admit that there is something out there which we simply do not understand. The Crop Circle researchers “know of no current technology capable of doing this,” and so, it must be space Aliens. Huh? Why? I have to say that I started doubting the crop circle/Alien hypothesis when I first saw the famous “Alien Face” formation in 2002. There was just something a little too cheeky about that. I mean, if they were willing to carve giant portraits of themselves into the landscape, then why can’t they just mail a photograph of what they look like to one of these researchers? Again, why the secrecy? Technically, the Crop Circle formations are the least impressive pieces of evidence. We are capable of truly astonishing things these days. The operation of microchips and computers is much more astounding that figures carved in wheat fields. We have lasers which can write your name in a diamond.

4. The Abduction Phenomenon.

This leaves us with the Abduction Phenomenon: the actual stories told by people who have been captured–and experimented on–by Aliens. I have read many of these accounts and have always believed in the credibility of these people. Even today, I do not believe they are simply making this up out of whole cloth. Obviously, they experienced something, and it’s very unfair for all these cranks to go about simply dismissing these people as either lunatics or charlatans.

But this is where the real issue lies: not with UFOs or crop circles, but with actual firsthand accounts. My contention is not so much with the witnesses themselves, but with certain circumstances surrounding the abduction phenomena–circumstances which appear uncomfortably coincidental with other things.

The first issue of concern is that these abductions do not begin until well into the post war era. The first story to receive any coverage was the case involving Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. Abductions hardly exist prior to this and are unheard of in pre-war years. Similarly, UFO sightings are largely a post-war phenomenon, and it isn’t until we get into the 60s that we start to hear of many sightings. Why is this? Why weren’t the Aliens visiting us in 1930? Part of the Alien mythos is that they only became interested in our planet once we exploded the first atomic bomb. This explanation suggests a certain concern for our species and a fear that we might blow ourselves up. Yet, if this were the case, then why do all the abduction reports involve callous and somewhat sinister medical experiments on unwilling humans? And if they were genuinely interested in helping us stop nuclear proliferation–what have they done about it? The Atom Bomb explanation seems to be based more on convenience than anything else. It doesn’t answer the question that if the aliens were really interested in genetic experimentation, then why did they decide to wait until after WWII to start implementing their plan?

The next issue is that the abductions all involve some aspect of mind control. The victims are hypnotized. They can vaguely recollect things, yet they have been given false memories to help mask what happened to them. My first thought regarding this is: why would the Aliens give a shit? When we experiment on dogs, do we try and implant false memories into their consciousnesses so that they do not recall the operation? The Aliens are frequently described as being detached, clinical, impersonal, and almost heartless in their behavior. So, then why the concern about whether or not we remember the abduction? Is it that they simply want to operate in secrecy? Why? If they are flying spacecraft which can easily outrun our fastest missiles and they can come and go as they please, then why would they bother about secrecy? This conflicts with the stories of the ancient Aliens, who were anything but secretive.

The Aliens are only interested in abducting the young. If you’re middle-aged, chances are very good that you will not be picked, but the people who are abducted multiple times are always young. Often, very young. Oh, and one more thing… they’re almost always White. This is extremely puzzling.

What are they up to? The majority of abduction researchers agree that the Aliens are interested in genetics. They take genetic samples. They take semen and ovae. They have impregnated women and then removed the fetuses. There are reports of them raising children which are half-Alien and half-Human. Accompanying this is the story that the Aliens are facing some sort of genetic crisis and they need to utilize our DNA in order to save their race. Or something like that.

The other piece to the Alien Abduction puzzle is that the government is aware of the whole thing, but for our own good they have to keep it all a secret from us. The news that we are being visited by a race of intellectually and technically superior beings would weaken our political and religious structures. So, it is necessary that the government take this very aggressive position of ignoring or ridiculing all aspects of abduction research.

Alright. Those are my principle concerns with the abduction phenomenon, and I don’t think I’m being very unreasonable with any of them. They’re all logical questions. Let’s try putting them together and perhaps we might gain a little perspective of what’s going on.

We’re dealing with a phenomenon which is distinctly post-war. It involves the abduction of people–younger white people–for genetic study and sexual purposes. While abducted, they are compliant through a form of hypnosis or mind control. They are made to forget what happened to them or they are given false memories to disguise the actual events. Their abductors are humanoid. The Aliens make a great effort to keep their activities secret. The government also tries to keep it all very secret. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, because of the social stigma attached to believing in the Aliens, the vast majority of abductees are unwilling to talk about this at all. They keep it a secret to themselves.

We seem to be dealing with something so horrible, that the government has to keep it a secret from the people. The government can’t even chance warning the people about what’s going on–that’s how bad it is. And this thing has to do with mind control and the sexual exploitation of children. Already, a very realistic explanation is beginning to take shape. Throw in the concept of genetic experimentation and a starting point somewhere around the 1960s and already we have a group of people–human people–which have been very busy at all this. The government’s experimentation with Mind Control coincides perfectly with this timeframe. In fact, as we became more proficient at brainwashing, hypnosis, and mind control, so did the number of Alien abductions begin to increase. We have thrown huge sums of money into this research and it’s all very well documented.

The issue of child sex slavery is another hot button topic, and perhaps the one subject people are more uncomfortable discussing than the Aliens. Like the topic of mind control, there is ample documentation proving the extensiveness of this phenomenon. Groups involved with child slavery are routinely brought to light in places all around the world. They are always people of wealth and their crimes are always whitewashed by the authorities. While the government may play at keeping the Alien abductions a “secret,” the very real issue of child sex slavery isn’t discussed at all. There are 100,000 unsolved kidnappings in the USA. This is just the official figure, and the actual number is probably much higher. I am sure that many of these people have been murdered, but we can see a very plausible plan forming here. The logistical problem of ritual child abuse is that you have to maintain some sort of facility where these people are kept hostage. This is a problem for a great many reasons. The ideal situation for these people would be the ability to abduct anyone at any time and then simply return them to society when they were finished. The victims would have false memories of “Aliens” capturing them and they would be sent into a fully-formed Alien Abduction Community ready and willing to reinforce these beliefs. They would be reluctant to speak with others about this, because of the social stigma attached to it. The government–which is involved–“leaks” these reports from time to time, which the Abduction Researchers believe entirely. This is the point where genuine “Conspiracy Theorists” and the Abduction Researchers part company. The Abduction Researchers are much too easily manipulated by governmental misinformation. They are quick to believe the government when it pretends to be releasing Alien “information.” In fact, the entire realm of UFO/Abduction research is simply a complete mess, populated with many people spinning all kinds of stories.

I have always been interested in this subject, and in 1992 snuck into the first Alien Abduction Conference, secretly held at M.I.T. and organized by M.I.T. Physics Professor, David Pritchard and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, John E. Mack. For an afternoon, I listened to lectures from the leading researchers on Alien Abductions, and the people attending all had a smug feeling of satisfaction knowing that these two intellectual cornerstones of the Establishment–M.I.T. and Harvard–were finally helping to legitimate their beliefs in this. No one was at all suspicious to see The Establishment throwing their support behind the existence of Aliens in such a way. People who had been skeptical of anything The Establishment had to say now felt completely comfortable with M.I.T.’s decision to host a conference on Alien Abductions. This shows how easily the government can co-opt these people. M.I.T. is the home of the King of the Left Wing Gatekeepers and all-around scumbag, Noam Chomsky. Philosophically, it has always been reactionary, and has strong ties to the government. People should be skeptcial of anything they have to offer. There was a period when I was convinced of the reality of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, but not any more. I’ve given up waiting: they aren’t coming.

The Alien Abduction phenomenon is an elaborate hoax. It is a hoax which is promoted through motion pictures, popular fiction, governmental “leaks,” and a gullible UFO community too anxious to grasp onto anything at all which might support their cause. I believe that this hoax is being perpetrated for a specific purpose. Some people have gone to a great deal of effort to construct this, and I cannot believe that it was all simply for someone’s amusement. The distinguishing features of the Alien Abduction phenomenon involve genetic research, sexual abuse, and Mind Control. These are all issues which have been connected to governmental/Establishment projects. The post-war timing of all this is simply the icing on the cake. There are simply too many coincidences happening for the Abduction Phenomenon to be a legitimate and unique occurrence. The American public has been dealing with this concept of the Aliens for the last 50 years, and still, we are as much in the dark as ever before about their reality. If all the Abduction community has to put on the table are UFO sightings, confused eyewitness reports, and the word of the government in “Ultra Top Secret” memos which have been carelessly leaked to the public, then I am going to have to test some other theories to explain all this. Supposedly, the Aliens are cold, cruel, detached, clinical, and semi-human. Well, so are the people who run the world. The Rulers are just as cruel and detached as the supposed-Aliens are. They are involved in a form of ritualized Evil which is so heinous that it is difficult for many of us even to comprehend it. The thought that the world is run by people involved with Mind Control, ritualized rape and torture, and genetic engineering is simply too overwhelming for the average person to understand. In fact, it is so foreign to their sensibilities as human beings that it’s easier for them to believe in Alien beings from Outer Space as an explanation. And this is why it all works so well. The people want to believe in the Aliens rather than the monstrous Evil which rules us all, and the Rulers want us to believe in the Aliens so as to distract the masses from the Truth. Whenever the government and the people agree on supporting the same hoax, the story is unstoppable. The Alien Abduction Phenomenon has gathered so much momentum and is so carefully fed by the Establishment that there is little chance of it being exposed. It is one more element in the Establishment’s arsenal of Mind Control weapons.

The whole Alien issue is a dead weight being dragged around by the political skeptics, and there has never been a better time than right now for them to get rid of this. The Abduction phenomenon is real. I do not believe that these people are simply making this all up. But are they being abducted and experimented on by agents of the Establishment–or by creatures from outer space? If I had to choose, the theory of government-sponsored abductions would be far, FAR more likely. Many abductees describe being raped and being experimented on for both genetic and psychological projects. Mind control, sexual abuse, genetic experimentation? These are all the favorite pastimes of the Elite! What a coincidence that the “Aliens” and the Satanic, Sadistic, Fascistic Gazillionaire Elite are interested in the same things? And isn’t it also a coincidence that the most deeply buried story of our time is the secret international organization of child sex slavery? This secret project of the Elite is constantly being uncovered all over the world, so there is no possibility at all that it’s a hoax. Child sex slavery certainly does exist, and it is much greater in size than most people imagine. It is also kept entirely out of the Press (although there have been some very high-profile cases which have turned up. Even still, the Establishment buries this history and never returns to remind people of these events or to try and connect the dots.) The Sex Slave phenomenon is based on kidnapping and mind control. The genetic experimentation and “breeding” stories could point to any number of things, but they are all goals of the Establishment. So, people are kidnapped, raped, experimented on, and then returned to where they were. Remember that after the Church Committee clamped down on the overt experimentation on people in established hospitals and mental institutions, the mind control programs had to go underground. This was also the time when the whole alien abduction phenomenon begins. How convenient. The Establsihment can just come in and take anyone it wants for their research or amusement. And the people are reluctant to say anything as they are convinced they must have been part of this Alien Abduction phenomenon.

There are no aliens. People who subscribe to the Conspiratorial Theory of History should just give it up, for the entire Alien Phenomenon not only covers-up a very real conspiracy in our world, but it severely weakens legitimate opposition sentiment. Look at how much damage the “Alien” theories were able to cause with the 911 Truthers. This understanding has crept into many opposition websites and groups. More than anyone else, it’s the Alien researchers who help to bring on the moniker of “Tinfoil Hat” conspiracy theorists. The whole Alien phenomenon is filled with frauds, hoaxers, and bullshit artists–many of them working for the Establishment. I don’t have very much faith in the “Truther” community, but if they are to move forward at all, they MUST jettison the “Alien” people. Don’t get involved with crap like the Disclosure Project or these highly speculative crop circle theorists. It’s all junk.

Back in the old days of conspiracy theorizing, people had nothing to do with all of this alien stuff. This was especially true during the 60s and 70s, when the John Birchers controlled much of the Conspiracy debate. Then, during the 80s, you began to see more of this Alien theme within some political circles. And when the Internet took off, the Alien Conspiracy seemed to glom onto all sorts of political-conspiracy theories, “poisoning the well” as it went.

Further, the UFOlogists mean to trivialize ALL political discussion, as mundane issues such as the economy or The War on Terror pale in importance to the fact that the Aliens are going to be landing on the White House lawn any day now. They are–essentially–doing the work of the Establishment, which immediately brings the whole endeavor under suspicion. And it’s more than just suspicion. The Alien Phenomenon is a sophisticated contrivance of the Establishment’s, and serves a variety of purposes. The time has come for intelligent people to put an end to all of this.

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