Phony Left Subverts Opposition in D.C.

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, Mind Control by Katin on December 10, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

I wrote this shortly after the anti-war protest which was held 27 January 2007 in Washington, D.C. It illustrates my position that the so-called “Left Wing” is led by elements of The Establishment.

There is no Left.
I’ll repeat that: THERE IS NO LEFT.
What most of us consider to be “The Left” is merely a string of loosely organized opposition groups which are thoroughly infiltrated and directed by elements loyal to the Establishment. The whole pathetic parade of interest groups is merely a giant puppet show for the masses. One look at the sideshow in DC this weekend should be enough to convince the most die-hard Lib that their cause was hijacked long ago.

We have a simple anti-war demonstration. There have been plenty of them before. The nature of the event SHOULD BE:, that despite our many differences, we can all agree that the war must stop and the soldiers be brought home. The GOAL of the event is to unite opposition groups under this shared understanding and to present A UNIFIED FRONT to the American viewers and politicians watching it unfold. But, in recent decades, this is most definitely NOT what happens.

This protest march was organized by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. While ANSWER has been around for a while, the ANSWER Coalition was formed immediately after 9/11. The organization’s Steering Committee is as follows:

IFCO/Pastors for Peace
Free Palestine Alliance – U.S.
Haiti Support Network
Partnership for Civil Justice – LDEF
Nicaragua Network
Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines
Korea Truth Commission
Muslim Student Association – National
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Mexico Solidarity Network
Party for Socialism and Liberation

Notice anything? The first ten groups are tiny, and it seems that they are included on this list only to disguise the largest member: the Party for Socialism and Liberation. In actuality, the ANSWER “Coalition” is simply an arm of the PSL.
The PSL is a new group, forming in 2004 after splitting from the Workers’ World Party. The WWP has been around since the 1950s. They’re Communists who have consistently backed the Chinese and Soviet regimes. The PSL is also a Marxist-Leninist organization promoting the concept of world revolution led by the Proletariat. I won’t get into how the leadership of these so-called “Marxist Revolutionaries” was co-opted by the Establishment decades ago and how they ran interference for the Establishment during the ’60s by backing groups such as the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground. 40 years is a long time for today’s young people, and many of today’s “Left” have no idea how these organizations helped derail legitimate anti-war sentiment during the Vietnam Era.

So, let’s take that bus ride down to DC together. I wasn’t there, but I have been to enough demonstrations to guess just how it was played out. We’re carrying our legitimate Anti-War signs. We have chosen slogans which will carry broad appeal and help raise the awareness of ordinary Americans who have not yet become involved in the Anti-War movement. As we get off the bus, we notice contingents of people carrying signs promoting violent revolution: “Class War Is the Only War” and “Death to Capitalism.” We move away from them, but everywhere we go, we are greeted with Che’s image and more slogans advocating violence. We stop and pretend not to notice, but deep down, we are thinking the same thing: HOW is this violent rhetoric supposed to endear our cause to ordinary Americans watching this on TV? We’re here only to protest the war–not to man the barricades against monumental Capitalism and Imperialism. And who ARE these people, anyway? We stop by a couple of protestors handing out leaflets and attempt to engage them in conversation, but all we get are the stale Marxist platitudes and slogans: “This war is merely an extension of Western Imperialism. The only way to REALLY stop it is to destroy the Capitalist System itself.” Wow. I make the suggestion that many of the people attending the rally–and many more watching it at home–will be seriously annoyed by all this talk of violent revolution. “Perhaps you people could think in broader terms, and preach the Revolutionary doctrine afterwards?” They ignore us. We move on, but like robots, all the Marxist-Leninists are dishing the same party line. It is then that we learn that these aren’t Marxists who have attached themselves to the event: these are the people RUNNING the event!! We didn’t expect this from the ANSWER Coalition. Perhaps we should have read the fine print.

Very shortly afterwards, we notice that a massive counter-demonstration has formed. How did these people get a permit to demonstrate on the same day? What are they doing here, except to incite trouble? There is shouting back and forth, but no one seems too interested in the war. Rather, our Marxist-Leninist organizers are screaming about revolution and destroying The System. The Veterans and Right Wing mo-rons see that the Anti-War movement really HAS been co-opted by Anti-American Leninists, bent on destroying the USA and turning us all into Communists. I mean… there they are!! There’s Che. There’s Mao. There’s Lenin. We move away from the counter-demonstrators. The Anti-War demonstration is taking the shape of a theatrical performance, and just when it seems things couldn’t get worse, who comes along? The Muslim-American Society’s Freedom Foundation and the Muslim American Society. Just great. Now we have the Communists and Muslims and angry Veterans. Time to bring in the “Death to Israel” contingent. Yippee!!
What did we come here for?

All of this is a feast for the Establishment Press. The New York Times can’t wait to play-up the Commie-connection and the camera crews find no shortage of revolutionary imagery, played against the stalwart line of wounded veterans defending the Vietnam Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. If the Supposed Left hasn’t completely humiliated itself by this point, the Establishment’s False Opposition Forces can always call upon their trusty reinforcements: The Anarchists. Nothing like having these government-led stooges running around setting fire to a GAP store or striking a defiant blow against Imperialism by smashing the windows of a McDonald’s. I’m sure they were in DC… somewhere… making complete assholes out of themselves and the anti-war effort in general.

Ugghhh….. the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Who the FUCK even talks about Marxism-Leninism anymore? What sort of people do you expect to attract with this line? Talk about the quickest way to marginalize your cause: put these sell-out psychos in the front row. And whose bright idea was it to invite the Muslim American Society? That’s just great. Let’s go to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public and tell them the Muslims and Communists are running the Anti-War movement and would they care to chip-in for the cause. Throw in the angry Lesbians, Atheists, Jew Baiters, Peak Oilers, Global Warmers, AIDS dupes, animal activists, and a whole shitload of smart-assed college kids who just want to march around for an afternoon, and you’ve got a “cause” gauranteed to piss-off pretty much everyone.

How could this NOT be staged?
How is it that the largest demonstration in the US in recent years is led by–The “Communists?” What a fucking joke.
Even funnier are the pro-warriors, jar-heads, and Establishment whores yammering about “The Left” and how “The Left” is threatening to “take over.” Now THAT’S funny!! The pathetic “Gathering of Eagles” could have all stayed home and let the Supposed-Left embarrass itself all on its own.

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