NWO Threatens Turkey, Finalizes Plans for World Conquest

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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

The armies of the New World Order march on!
Their ultimate goal–armed conflict with Putin’s Russia–is only a short time away, and so far, all has been going to schedule.

This was first posted on 27 June 2007, on my other blog.

The Establishment Press has succeeded in convincing the American public that the Iraq War has been a disaster and that the US has lost control of the area amidst waves of “suicide bomber” attacks and roadside bombs. They fail to mention that these attacks are mainly against the Iraqi population and are designed to weaken any coordinated resistance against the occupying troops. Also, the propaganda campaign against Iran has distracted the people’s attention from the real direction of our forces–which is towards the North. One quick look at a map shows that the quickest way to Russia is through the Persian Gulf and then through Iraq. The only country remaining between our forces and the Republic of Georgia is Turkey, and it is here that the NWO will be working feverishly to pry open a corridor along Eastern Turkey through which our forces can pass. This gives us a port on Iraq’s narrow coastline for supplies while Israel can guard our left flank. Our right flank has already been safeguarded through numerous threats against Iran.

Part of the NWO’s plan for the Middle East is a steady Balkanization of area countries, beginning with Iraq, of course. Crucial to their plans is establishing a Kurdish state in the North and along Turkey’s southeastern border. Israel has been secretly financing the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which has been making forays into Turkey. Their goal is to provoke Turkey into a regional conflict which will require the presence of US/NWO “Peacekeeping” troops in Eastern Turkey. The news of a formative Kurdish State has infuriated the Turks, who are already accusing the US of conspiring to destablizie this area. Tensions with the PKK have reached a breaking point and the Turks have amassed 30,000 troops along the border of Northern Iraq. Their invasion of the country is a certainty and Kurdish civilians are fleeing the area in thousands in preparation for the upcoming conflict. The Establishment Press has released brief stories of Turkey’s artillery bombardments across the border, but little else has been reported.

Turkey is familiar with the tactics of the NWO, as are all the European countries. They know that the US/NWO is merely using the “War on Terror” to mask what is in reality their own terrorist attacks. We’re planning on using the eastern part of their country as a staging ground for an invasion of Georgia (and perhaps other Caspian, former Soviet countries.) If the Turks refuse, then things are going to start blowing up inside their country. “Terrorists” and “suicide bombers” will start rampaging through Turkey, assassinating politicians and massacring civilians. Earlier this month, the NWO delivered this threat to Turkey in very certain terms. On June 13, a meeting was held at the sinister Hudson Institute (a Reptilian/Fascist/Satanic Think Tank) where a “workshop” was held for many invited guests–including representatives from Turkey. The theme of the “workshop” was to examine the possibilities and likely responses to a series of terrorist attacks in Turkey. What would happen if 50 civilians were blown up in Istanbul? How would the government deal with certain politicians being killed, or other random acts of violence? The NWO likes issuing threats through these “think tanks” and quasi-governmental institutions. This way, the government doesn’t have to get their hands dirty and the news is easily covered-up. This meeting has caused a furor in Turkey, yet has received no press coverage at all here in the US. June 13 was a big news day here in the US, though. Crucial political events, such as the goings-on at the Hudson Institute were wiped-off the front page by a much more important story: June 13 was the day Paris Hilton was sent back to jail.

The Turks heard the message loud and clear. The NWO told them in very definite terms that they would be helpless against their planned “Terrorist” assault. The unspoken threat was that such plans were already in the works, and if Turkey didn’t start playing ball, then all hell is going to break loose. This isn’t to say that the US/NWO is opposed to Turkish aggression along the Iraq border. They want to see this area destabilized as much as possible in order for the “Peacekeepers” to be invited in. Turkey’s attack on the Kurds (Israeli surrogates) is a conflict they have been carefully fostering. The Turks want to have their cake and to eat it too. They want to be able to attack the PKK on their own terms without having to deal with any responses from the US/NWO. But the NWO has them over a barrel. Turkey cannot ignore the situation, or else the PKK will simply press their attacks and we may see these unfortunate “Terrorist” events spring-up within Turkey. And invading Northern Iraq is sure to bring about a strong response from the NWO. The brazen threat delivered to them this month through the Hudson Institute was the icing on the cake, though. News of the “workshop” was carefully leaked to the Turkish press. Hudson’s director of their Center for Eurasian Policy is a disgraceful reptilian douchebag named Zeyno Baran, who has been running interference for the NWO over the last two weeks. She has simply denied that such discussions ever took place. This is an outright lie, but good enough to convince the brain-dead American public, some of whom may have noticed this story somewhere. This article taken from the Turkish press is typical of the many news stories they have been running:


Today’s Zaman 6/20

The Turkish-Kurdish conflict is merely a matter of time. Reuters reported today that the Turkish military is clamoring for an attack, and upcoming elections will be pressuring Turkish politicians to comply. It’s hard not to be impressed by the NWO’s sense of timing, communication skills, and sheer ruthlessness in accomplishing their goals. Turkey has no choice at this point but to take the bait.

Turk army chief reaffirms need for N.Iraq incursion
By Gareth Jones
Wednesday, June 27, 2007; 7:47 AM

ANKARA (Reuters) – The head of Turkey’s powerful armed forces reaffirmed on Wednesday his view that a cross-border operation into northern Iraq was needed to crush Kurdish rebels based there.

His comments pile more pressure on Turkey’s government to allow a military operation, just weeks before parliamentary polls in which security and terrorism issues will loom large.

The staunchly secular military dislikes the Islamist-rooted ruling AK Party and political analysts say the generals are trying to portray it as weak on terrorism. AK, which denies any Islamist agenda, is widely expected to win re-election in July.

“I have said (in April) that we need a cross-border operation and that this would bring benefits. I repeat this view now,” General Yasar Buyukanit told a news conference shown live on Turkish television.

But he stressed the need to act within the law in tackling the security threat.

Turkey’s parliament, now in recess ahead of the July 22 elections, would have to reconvene to authorize any serious cross-border military operation.

“We have to conduct our fight on a legal basis. We cannot go beyond the laws,” he said in Isparta, southwest Turkey.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told Reuters last week that Ankara would take military action if necessary.

More than 30,000 people have been killed in fighting between security forces and rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) since the group launched its armed campaign for an ethnic homeland in southeast Turkey in 1984.

Casualties have risen sharply in recent months as PKK fighters hiding in northern Iraq cross the mountainous border into Turkey to attack security and civilian targets.


The head of Turkey’s land forces, General Ilker Basbug, told the news conference there were between 2,800 and 3,100 PKK rebels based in northern Iraq.

Buyukanit repeated his accusation that PKK rebels were receiving support from some foreign countries, including nominal allies of NATO-member Turkey.

He did not name these countries, but Ankara has criticized the United States for failing to crack down on the PKK in Iraq. Turkey has also accused some European countries including Belgium and Denmark of providing help to the militants.

Buyukanit said there were many “collaborators” in Turkish towns and villages providing support to the PKK, which is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the EU and the United States. But he added that the problem of Kurdish separatism could not be solved by purely military means.

“Terrorism is multi-dimensional. Apart from the armed struggle, it has to be combated in other ways too,” he said, citing economic and social factors.

Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast region is dogged by poverty, high unemployment, poor education and low investment. The armed conflict has hampered the region’s economic progress.

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  1. Kagan Turan said, on August 20, 2011 at 11:50 am

    Greetings from Turkiye (Turkey),

    Thank you for an insightful article on the devious plans of diabolic NWO tyrants. We Turks are against all NWO efforts, however like the citizens of other countries, many Turks are also sleeping and unable to distinguish most of the plans and efforts of NWO.

    Please continue with you research and efforts to infor and awake people, thank you.

    Best wishes for both in this and next life,
    Kagan Turan

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