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Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

I remember watching this old black-and-white film clip. It was from the era of the First World War and recorded a small team of explorers as they were being led into a village on some remote South Pacific island. It was very grainy, had no sound, and was hardly a minute long. The villagers had gathered around in a semi-circle while the white men, dressed in their khakis stood in front of them. This was the first time these cultures had ever met and no one spoke the other’s language. One of the white men steps out of the frame and returns very quickly with a pig. As the villagers watch, one of the explorers raises his rifle and with one shot, kills the pig instantly. The villagers all jump and stare at the pig as it falls to the ground. Then they all turn to see the white men and notice that the pig had been killed with this strange smoking stick they carried. This was their first lesson, and one which they knew they shouldn’t forget.

Thirty years later, the Americans detonated two atomic bombs over Japan. The military objected to this. The majority of them believed that the war was over and that the American politicians were being stubborn about their surrender demands and holding-up Japan’s attempts to surrender. Eisenhower was especially vocal. The military saw Japan as a defeated enemy and that dropping the bombs could only serve some minor political purpose. They were half right. The brutal destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was done for a political reason, only it wasn’t minor. In the same sense, the fire bombings of Tokyo, the massive bombings of German civilian targets at the end of the war, all served as an object-lesson for the people of the post-war world. These war crimes showed the people of the world that the post-war leadership wasn’t going to take any shit from anyone, and that combatants–but most importantly, innocents– would be dealt with harshly by a military which had no conscience. Hiroshima and Dresden were the pigs being dragged out and shot before the astonished villagers.

Of course, the Americans were told something different. They were led to believe that the Japanese were not trying to surrender at all, and that they were actually preparing for a suicidal defence of their country. The Japanese had really brought the bombings on themselves.

As the years went by, this process of ritual blood-letting became more and more refined. In Vietnam, The Rulers discovered that they could get away with almost anything provided the Establisment Press kept telling the American public that it was losing the conflict. During this war, we dropped more bombs than we had in WWII. We used napalm and cluster bombs regularly and sprayed the people and the countryside with a variety of chemicals. In the end, we destroyed four million Asians. And in order to accomplish this, we only needed to sacrifice 57,000 US troops. There isn’t a general anywhere in history who wouldn’t be amazed at a kill ratio of 70 to 1. The American people were told that we had lost the war. That the politicians wouldn’t allow the military to win it. The bought-and-paid-for radical stooges gloated about how the Communists had achieved an amazing victory over the “Imperialist” war machine. Ha. The real “Winners” are The Rulers. They always win. Everyone else loses. Ordinary people always make the mistaqke of assuming that the people who run things actually care as much as they do about wars and death and suffering. They don’t. And the reason they don’t is because they don’t have to go and fight in them. For The Rulers, war is merely a “political event.” As Orwell pointed out: when there is continual war, there are never and Winners or Losers. More accurately, The Rulers stage these spectacles to terrorize the ordinary people, and they very often succeed in getting away with this by portraying themselves as the Losers.

Israel has developed this strategy into an art form. Here they have the third (or fourth) strongest military in the world. They have nuclear weapons. They have thoroughly infiltrated any and all opposition groups. And they brutalize a civilian population which has little more than stones and a few old rifles to defend themselves. Yet, the Israelis are masters of the public relations game. They know precisely how many of their own need to be sacrificed to generate sufficient sympathy for themselves. They then magnify every death of their own and use it as a pretext to resume their ritualized slaughter of the Palestinian people. I have plenty of information elsewhere on this blog demonstrating that the Suicide Bomber phenomenon is a complete myth. These are attacks staged by the Mossad to show the rest of the world that they are dealing with a suicidal enemy. This is the same phrase used back in 1945 and later used against the Vietnamese.

Israel has demonstrated that this strategy is ideally suited for controlling an occupied population. In the old Colonial and Neo-Colonial models, the occupying troops (or the native forces loyal to the colonial power) would attempt to identify rebel forces and deal with them in some traditional military manner. Because of their usual overwhelming technical advantage, they were often seen for what they were: brutal occupiers of a defenseless nation. It can be difficult selling that to the people back home. People have a natural sense of fair play, and seeing defenseless peasants shot and then pushed into a ditch can be difficult to explain. Especially with all the high-tech news-reporting devices which are out now. But the Israelis have figured out that the attrocity only has meaning when it’s viewed in a particular context. They promote the myth that they have been “fighting these people for thousands of years.” And like Orwell’s theory of Constant War, so long as it never ends, there are never any “Winners” or “Losers.” This gives Israel enough “Moral Slack” to position themselves as the unfortunate defenders, while all the while they’re kicking the shit out of the Palestinians.

We see here a certain sadistic element. An overwhelming military force has positioned itself so that it can repeatedly–and endlessly–torment and torture a much weaker adversary. After a while, the occupying citizenry begins to partake of this sadistic event, which has now become part of their culture–much like the audience in a Roman colosseum watching prisoners being torn apart by wild beasts. The modern citizen suffers from a strange schizophrenic worldview, for in order to legitimate the cruelty, he must see see his country as somehow exploited by this much weaker force–and on the other hand, he celebrates the small victories portrayed by the routine torture and execution of the occupied population.

The dawning of the Twenty-First Century gave the New World Order an opportunity to implement their latest–and most advanced–techniques of Sado-Colonialism. The political and economic consolidation of the Middle East was something which had been in the works for several decades. All that was left was to establish a centralized military presence and then drag out the biggest pig and blow its brains out. Iraq was central. It had a port on the Persian Gulf. It was smaller than Iran, and it was close enough to Israel for when we needed that country’s support. The occupation of Iraq was designed on the Israeli model. This would be a War-without-End. We would carelessly let slip images of innocent Iraqi civilians being tortured. We’d bring back our old friends: napalm and cluster bombs. We took a page out of the Israeli Play Book and began killing civilians with bombs we would attribute to the Insurgency (this was a key concept for selling the war back home. We had to convince the American public that the Iraqis were more concerned with destroying one another than with destroying our soldiers. Predictably, it was an easy sell.) The other night I found myself chatting with a soldier who had spent several years in Iraq. Oddly, his biggest criticism was about the Press. He was furious that TV and the newspapers were portraying the war as such a chaotic mess. He was amazed that these people were even suggesting that we were “losing” the war. He went on to describe how the country was under complete military control and that the vast majority of bombings were conducted by Iraqis against other Iraqis. I interupted him to point out that ALL the reporting coming out from Iraq was being done by reporters embedded with the military. Most of the time, the “news” was some event staged for the benefit of the Press Corps. There were no independent reporters roaming around Iraq. At least, not American reporters. So, if The Establishment has such tight control over the reporting of the war, why is the American public believing that the war is going so badly? I agreed with this soldier. After all, he was there. The war is going well. In fact, it’s going better than we had planned. The Arab World is sufficiently horrified with what we are doing, and I believe they know that the suicide bombings are contrived by our forces. They are also horrified by the way we have turned this into a religious war by demonizing their religion and painting them all as suicidally insane. No country wants to suffer through this sort of an occupation where the occupiers can kill, arrest, and torture anyone they please all based on this synthetic “War on Terror.” Sure, we’ll rattle some sabers at Iran, but the success in Iraq means that an invasion (and occupation) of Iran is entirely unnecessary. We have already achieved what we wanted, and the people of the Middle East are realizing that they are as completely helpless: as helpless as the tribal villagers on that South Pacific island. Here in this hemisphere, we have the image of Guantanimo to help keep the population in line (among other things, of course.) Gitmo is our pig and an example of what can happen if you step too far out of line.

One explanation for the success of the Rulers is that they have a much greater understanding of the psychological elements necessary for controlling the World. A population raised on self-doubt, insecurity, false hopes, and generally crappy self-esteem will easily celebrate the death and torture of those less fortunate than themselves. In this sense, our rage against the Mexican immigrants is an expression of self-loathing. We watch episodes of “24,” “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” “COPS,” and more “COPS,” and celebrate when the unfortunate loser gets kicked around by a bunch of guys with guns and batons. Not that we even care about what he did. But watching the white trash or ghetto kids get arrested makes us feel better for spending the evening on our asses drinking beer and being TV zombies. This is the link between self-hate and Sadism which the Rulers love to employ. For the image of the Iraqi people being slowly brutalized and killed not only frightens and weakens the Middle Eastern people as a whole, it weakens the American people as well. We sacrifice our sense of decency, our moral worth, and without being completely aware of it, we slowly begin to hate ourselves while at the same time turning that hatred towards a host of targets conveniently put in place by the Establishment. We can escape the fate of the pig only by becoming pigs ourselves.

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