The War is Over: We Won!

Posted in Katin/IPCRESS Blog, New World Order by Katin on December 2, 2007

Written by Katin for IPCRESS Blog

I wrote this in November, 2006 for my other blog.

That’s right. The war is over. We won.
Don’t listen to the Democrats and their phoney-opposition nonsense about our having “lost” the war.
That’s a lot of bullshit.
We have achieved ALL our objectives. Just look:

1. We conquered the country while suffering minimal casualties.
2. Our current losses, during the “Occupation Period” have also been minimal. 2800 dead doesn’t even equal the number lost in a typical battle, never mind a war. In the Battle of Okinawa, we lost 12,000 soldiers–and people can’t even tell you when that was; so don’t let the Libs get you thinking that this is a “War of Attrition.” It’s not.
3. We were able to conquer their country AND change their system of government. This was in direct violation of the Atlantic Charter, but no one said a word.
4. We have a large military force on the ground and strategically placed. They are supported by a port in the Persian Gulf and we are establishing ourselves there by building 14 huge military bases. We are poised to move northward and threaten Russia.
5. By cleverly placing the Iranian-backed Shiites in control of the government, we are able to explain-away any insurgent attacks as “sectarian violence” rather than “Anti-US Imperialism Violence.” And it has been working better than we hoped for! The American public actually believes that we are now trying to settle a religious war over there!
6. By maintaining the ongoing violence, we are able to legitimate our forces remaining there. Of course. If there was no fighting going on, we wouldn’t have any cause to be there, and the Iraqis would have every reason to make us leave. When things slow down, all we have to do is blow up a few Sunni mosques, set off some roadside bombs and sacrifice a few of our own, or unleash our Death Squads on the Iraqi civilians. Yes, many people have already caught on to this, but we have been successful in keeping the truth from the American public.
7. Next month we negotiate with the government for a new oil deal. There is a chance that our puppets-in-power may side with public sentiment and try to shortchange us in the deal. But, guess what? We’re already planning to overthrow them in case that happens. That’s right. We’ll stage a coup against our own guys–and get away with it!
8. Back in the States, the Phoney Lib Opposition is telling the public that we have “Lost the war” and that this is a giant screw-up. And many of the people are buying into this. Great! This is a war for conquest after all–we can’t be BRAGGING about our victory. That would be unseemly. It’s better that Johnny Flatscreen and Suzy iPod believe that we are suffering through a Noble Cause, than we have been victorious in furthering the New World Order. They might not understand.
9. Plans on “Balkanizing” Iraq into several powerless states remains a good possibility. We have our options!
10. The Libs have been comparing Iraq to Vietnam. Hahaha! THAT conflict has been entirely mythicized, and people today believe that when things got “too bad” in ‘Nam, “The People” organized a huge Anti-War effort to shut it down. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The Military Industrial Complex prosecuted the war until the very end, until they had no more options left, besides nuclear annihilation. Yeah, we lost 57,000 soldiers, but we killed over FOUR MILLION Asians! That’s an enormous victory, by any standard. The government completely ignored the peace protests, in fact, we killed the most people near the end of the war. The Libs of today have the people buffaloed into believing that the government can’t get too carried away in Iraq, or else the American people will put a stop to it. Yeah. Right.
11. The best part, is that the whole thing is being blamed on …. George Bush! Shrub has become the Sin Eater for the Iraq War. Once he is gone, everybody will breathe a sigh of relief that the “Bush Era” is over. Things will be different. “The People” will declare a victory, and once again put their faith in a “New” president. Of course–we’ll STILL be in Iraq! But we can keep blaming everything on Bush! That’s the way it works. Hell… the Cons are out there blaming “World Terrorism” on Clinton–and people actually believe that shit!
12. Our good friend, Israel, gets to kick the ever-loving shit out of the Iraqi people–a fantasy they have had for a long time.
13. Cheney and Rummy have been preparing the people for an extended occupation and an even longer War o’ Terror. Cheney has said, “decades,” although, he really means “indefinite.” People have become used to this. They are beginning to accept the “Long War” and not ask questions.
Oh, and the “Iraq War” IS over. We won. We’re handling “The Occupation” now, and this is technically part of the “War o’ Terror.”

Theses things are not left to chance. There are no screw-ups. If something happens, chances are very good that it happened for a particular reason. It’s funny listening to all the armchair diplomats trying to second-guess these people, people who ARE OUT TO CONTROL THE WORLD!! As if THEY know better than these people. As if the Rulers had no idea that occupying Iraq would cost us a few thousand troops. Duuhhh…. As if the Rulers are going through all this money and effort simply to “restore democracy” to some Middle Eastern country. Christ… the average American doesn’t even have any idea WHY we’re there in the first place. How great is THAT? The Rulers have achieved all their goals for this mission: not only their military goals, but they have managed to effectively control any opposition sentiment at home. Thanks to the Phoney Libs getting people to believe that the “war is lost,” the true geo-political nature of events remains hidden. So, when people say that things can’t get any worse over there, I have to wonder how they could get any better. The New World Order is on a roll, and the yahoo flag wavers should be overjoyed.
“Mission Accomplished!”

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